Home meat orders with free transportation

During these weeks we have to stay at home, on the occasion of confinement, we inform you that we can send your meat order directly to home at no additional cost of transport. You know that you have sausage, Iberian Ham, Iberian ham, cheese and Iberian pork and veal Anoja own our farms. You can see all references and catalog directly in the online shop Abrasador.

Own Crianza meat

These weeks as you know most of the restaurants associated with our brand, remain closed until further notice. And from the middle of May, some of them will start to open and prepare à la carte service with our own grilled gourmet home-cooked meats.

Our meat sales, in a 95% they are through the restaurants associated with the brand and therefore, In recent weeks, much of the Central team has not been operational. And now from May, we have reduced the ERTE to some colleagues to join a few hours and therefore we will be at your disposal to serve you meat directly at home by ordering through the Abrasador Online Store from anywhere in Spain.

Catalog Photo
Photo catalog Scorching meat

For any questions or clarification, you can contact us Monday to Friday 9:00 a 18:00 h or at any other time that necesitéis on phones 925245684, 647 221 393 O 699 450 508 or e-mail pedidos@abrasador.com and we send the order to receive in home 24-48 hours.

And if you prefer that we make it easier for you, you can directly see some of the lots already specified so you don't have to think about which products to choose:

Lots of gourmet meat for home

From Group Abrasador our biggest wish is you are all well and that you can spend the days the best that you can at home and always with a positive attitude. Get through this together and of course will pass an important page in our history, but now we must be strong.

How to spend a day in the scorching restaurant El Abuelito

This restaurant located in the Madrid suburb of Pozuelo de Alarcón has recently joined the chain Abrasador, own meat specialists Iberian pig breeding ground bait and veal Anoja. In the heart of the town, It is a quiet place to enjoy numerous recreational activities to suit all audiences, getting an attractive destination to complete a fantastic day.

Scorching brand new facade restaurant El Abuelito
Scorching brand new facade restaurant El Abuelito

further, this restaurant retains its tradition with its gastronomy Local and house specialties, offering healthy, quality food and grilled meats own parenting, in which a team of eight people makes it all possible.

To get an idea, what could be the menu, this grill It offers some starters to share such as Iberian palette lacon smoked with sweet paprika, salad bowl with crispy bacon Iberian pipes. After, main course, for example, veal medallion Anoja amielda and curry 200 grams or, Tournedos of Iberian pork grilled. For Finalize, the scorching restaurant offers homemade desserts first quality.

This grill also features offer great breakfasts (coffee and juice with toast or chocolate with churros, for example) tapas and portions of top quality professional service always available. Regarding snacks, The restaurant offers a wide variety of homemade cakes premium tea to accompany any flavor.

Honeyed beef medallion Anoja
Honeyed beef medallion Anoja
Tornedo Iberian tenderloin grilled
Tornedo Iberian tenderloin grilled

But to complete the day, plus hot lunch or dinner in restaurant El Abuelito, the city offers a number of activities to be undertaken to complete the plan. Pozuelo de Alarcón is a municipality near Madrid's Casa de Campo, one of the most important wildlife sites in Madrid. To access this green space must cross the square of Pozuelo called Berlanga, in honor of the deceased filmmaker.

MIRA Gate Theater
MIRA Gate Theater

It is the perfect place to spend a great family day. A small natural corner outside the big city with a habitat singular worth contemplating. further, to better visit, there's a Free bike service so you can walk the entire park.

For lovers of the seventh art, the Madrid town has an enviable theater. MIRA Theater is an innovative proposal promoted by the municipality so that everyone can enjoy a unique cultural event whenever you feel you. It is located in Camino de las Huertas. Similarly, family shows a very good price and free movie sessions every Sunday. This theater has become a cultural reference.

Due its numerous linear parks and peripherals, attached to the large number of urban make this town a place close to nature. Two of those peripheral parks, the so-called Monte Pozuelo and forestry Somosaguas, are actually the natural continuation of the Mount of El Pardo and the House Countryside, respectively. City Image; Complex Radio Television Spanish, Prado del Rey; one of the fields of the Complutense University Madrid, the Somosaguas; in addition to the University Francisco de Vitoria, are some of the audiovisual and educational institutions that have relevance in Pozuelo de Alarcón their accommodation.

The Civil War of the late 1930 It is one of the reasons for the scarcity of historical heritage of Pozuelo de Alarcón. So much so, authorities, After the match, I had to request a plan of the town to the Geographical Institute to map the streets of the suburb again. But nevertheless, despite the shortage commented heritage, Pozuelo de Alarcón treasures some outstanding buildings such as the church and school of San José de Cluny or residence of the Missionary Oblates of Emmaus, both from the late nineteenth century; and the parish church in 1940 happened to the war-torn. The parish of Santa Maria de Cana is also one of the most visited buildings in the town.

Parish Church St. Mary of Cana
Parish Church St. Mary of Cana

Definitely, Pozuelo de Alarcón has many leisure activities to complete their visit to the scorching restaurant El Abuelito and enjoy a full day.

Scorching a new restaurant in Madrid

Scorching door restaurant El Abuelito
Scorching door brand new restaurant El Abuelito

A new store joins the brand Abrasador Madrid. Restaurant The Granddaddy of Pozuelo de Alarcón. After more than six months as a client, Scorching consuming the meat, and learning system ember ecological apply, They have decided to join restaurants Burning.

The history of this great family comes from world of bakery, because they are regent who for years "The Tahona of Abuelita", known business in the town baker Madrid. His business career, know-how and business vision shared with the group, They were decisive when happen to be a restaurant associated with the brand.

Before opening day, its staff and management passed the necessary training, by our chef Carlos Torres associate in everything related to the preparation of grilled meats and presentation of menu items. In aspects of brand, training was carried out by our founding partner Julio Ramirez Camino.

Carlos Torres, Scorching chef, during the formation
Scorching chef Carlos Torres during training restaurant El Abuelito

After two intense days of training, It was time to present this to the public grill restaurant. In this opening ceremony he cites a large audience, to know all the news of your letter and to taste the best grilled meats offered by this new restaurant in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Scorching barbecue to share
Scorching parrillada, one of the star dishes Restaurant
Public attending the inauguration
Public attending the inauguration
Tournedos of Iberian pork loin
Tournedos of Iberian pork loin

But they did not miss the opening of the founding partners of Grupo Abrasador, Ramirez brothers Camino, July, Hope and Maricarmen.

The Abuelito and address Scorching Group
The Abuelito and Abrasador address during the inauguration Group