Home meat orders with free transportation

During these weeks we have to stay at home, on the occasion of confinement, we inform you that we can send your meat order directly to home at no additional cost of transport. You know that you have sausage, Iberian Ham, Iberian ham, cheese and Iberian pork and veal Anoja own our farms. You can see all references and catalog directly in the online shop Abrasador.

Own Crianza meat

These weeks as you know most of the restaurants associated with our brand, remain closed until further notice. And from the middle of May, some of them will start to open and prepare à la carte service with our own grilled gourmet home-cooked meats.

Our meat sales, in a 95% they are through the restaurants associated with the brand and therefore, In recent weeks, much of the Central team has not been operational. And now from May, we have reduced the ERTE to some colleagues to join a few hours and therefore we will be at your disposal to serve you meat directly at home by ordering through the Abrasador Online Store from anywhere in Spain.

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Photo catalog Scorching meat

For any questions or clarification, you can contact us Monday to Friday 9:00 a 18:00 h or at any other time that necesitéis on phones 925245684, 647 221 393 O 699 450 508 or e-mail pedidos@abrasador.com and we send the order to receive in home 24-48 hours.

And if you prefer that we make it easier for you, you can directly see some of the lots already specified so you don't have to think about which products to choose:

Lots of gourmet meat for home

From Group Abrasador our biggest wish is you are all well and that you can spend the days the best that you can at home and always with a positive attitude. Get through this together and of course will pass an important page in our history, but now we must be strong.

Discover one of the most charming natural Castellon and the secret of his name: Bride jumping, Navajas

Surrounded by nature and located in the natural way that unites Aragon with the Valencian south of the province of Castellón is "The Bride Jumping”, in and the municipality of Navajas (Castellón), in the region of Alto Palancia.

The waterfall that embraces the vegetation of the site given as result in a recommended to spend the day with tranquility and make hiking outdoors. After rainy and snowy, It can be seen plentiful water down their armband by its cascade with a height of thirty meters and falling waters of the river Palancia.

This place of great natural beauty both in its nature and its "natural pool" where two stones forming a narrow gather has led to a legend and the name of it: there was a tradition which is that when two young people were about to get married, They had to undergo a curious but once the dangerous test. The couple went to the area where the river, passing through the village, it narrowed and once there, the girl under the watchful gaze of the entire audience jumping from one bank to another.

If the jump was clean and everything went well, It implied that marriage would be prosperous and full of happiness. Conversely, if he fell, He augured full of unhappiness in the couple life. This caused the Almost all of the links not carried out. But once the story did not end neither expected. All the people had uploaded to the river to see the bride jump. She miscalculated the distances so that fell into the river seeing trapped in a swirl formed in Water.

The boyfriend, to despair, He jumped to save, but He could do nothing, dying drowned appearing both their lifeless bodies hours later. It had to happen this tragic story to the absurd tradition was challenged by the villagers themselves and stop be a custom among the town sweethearts.

Within the natural setting of "Salto de la Novia”, Waterfall opposite the Mount Rascaña is visible and inside the enigmatic Clock Cave got its name from the sharp stone we can find on your doorstep and whose projection by sunlight, He noted the time farmers in front of her working their fields.

The visit can be completed with a tour of the Torre Altomira, of Arab origin or in just a few minutes reach Segorbe, the town where the cathedral captivate you as well as works the Diocesan Museum displays on its walls. It is also interesting to complete the visit “Bride jumping” with “The route of the Via Verde de Ojos Negros“, since it is considered the largest in Spain because of its 180 km route, However, It is quite pleasant thanks to hoards much of the way downhill and enjoyment with very diverse landscapes: sierra, forest, dry fields, orange or groundnuts. This greenway has been taking advantage of the old mining railway tour that started from the town of Ojos Negros to get the coal from the mine to the port of Sagunto.

Natural Park of El Bride Jumping.

In the most mountainous and perhaps more varied provincial Spain, It is this beautiful natural environment between two parks, Sierra Calderona and the espadán. The best way to access this setting is enabled walk from the car park very close. Less than 1 kilometer is the distance traveled after lowering a pending. The star of the place is undoubtedly the great waterfall or waterfall principal, the Cascacada Armband, of 60 meter fall. early to visit the place is always a good option to catch shadow to hang day plus, eat comfortably in the wooden tables. You can take escarpines be a good choice to walk and swim calmly because of the presence of stones.

However, you can also have lunch or dinner and even make a stop on the route Scorching Restaurante Altomira, Specialists in grilled meat Anoja own rearing veal and Iberian pork bait field. This restaurant is ideal for relaxing with a drink cool during the stay in the place and "El Salto de la novia".