*Yearling escalopines 120 gr

*Red pepper 50 gr

*Green pepper 50 gr

*Onion 25 gr

*Sal fina


Cut the scallops into strips of 1 cm thick and long 5 cm. Add salt and ground pepper to taste, pass it through flour (we use it integral).

Wash and cut the unpeeled red and green pepper, also in strips the same size as veal. Peel the onion, cut it into julienne (first in half and each half in thin strips. Put a pan on the fire with a tablespoon of oil, when it is hot put the onion and after taking a few minutes and having turned it over, add the pepper and finish sautéing it. The point of the vegetable choose it, we like al dente that it creaks a little. Take out the vegetables and reserve.

To fry the beef in strips, do it in a pan with very little oil, no need to cover it, when there is gold on one side, flip it over with a tongs and fry it from the other side. It takes very little time because the strips are thin. Remove from the pan with the tongs and place on absorbent paper and reserve.

Mix the veal strips with the vegetables and add the soy sauce.

You can buy the escalopines here

Beef fillets stuffed with zucchini and cheese with cheese sauce


*Yearling escalopines 120 gr

*Zucchini 60 gr

*Sal fina

*Cheese sauce 70 ml : born, milk, sliced ​​cheese, cabrales or blue cheese , salt and meat broth


Put the pan on the fire and add a small teaspoon of olive oil, prepare the schnitzels on the grill or in a pan, round and round, put the salt to your liking (It is a very fine cut so it takes very little time for it to be juicy inside). Cut the washed and unpeeled zucchini, sliced ​​half a centimeter thick and also pass through the pan with a teaspoon of olive oil, so that it is browned a little on the outside and on the inside it is still crispy. Place on one of the escalopines, three slices of zucchini and top with another schnitzel. Then add the hot cheese sauce on top.

"Cheese sauce"

For 1 liter of sauce: put on the saucepan the cream and milk in the same proportion ( 400 ml of each, Add 100 g of blue cheese or cabrales and 100 gr of cheese sliced ​​cut into pieces, add a point of salt, a cube of meat broth and do not stop stirring. Let it boil for the first time so that the sauce binds and reduce heat a little more until it is creamy.. Remove from the fire. It can be perfectly preserved in a maintenance chamber up to 4 º C during 7 days and reuse for other recipes such as a pasta with Iberian ham with cheese sauce (recipe that will be uploaded in the next post)

You can buy the veal escalopines here

Home meat orders with free transportation

During these weeks we have to stay at home, on the occasion of confinement, we inform you that we can send your meat order directly to home at no additional cost of transport. You know that you have sausage, Iberian Ham, Iberian ham, cheese and Iberian pork and veal Anoja own our farms. You can see all references and catalog directly in the online shop Abrasador.

Own Crianza meat

These weeks as you know most of the restaurants associated with our brand, remain closed until further notice. And from the middle of May, some of them will start to open and prepare à la carte service with our own grilled gourmet home-cooked meats.

Our meat sales, in a 95% they are through the restaurants associated with the brand and therefore, In recent weeks, much of the Central team has not been operational. And now from May, we have reduced the ERTE to some colleagues to join a few hours and therefore we will be at your disposal to serve you meat directly at home by ordering through the Abrasador Online Store from anywhere in Spain.

Catalog Photo
Photo catalog Scorching meat

For any questions or clarification, you can contact us Monday to Friday 9:00 a 18:00 h or at any other time that necesitéis on phones 925245684, 647 221 393 O 699 450 508 or e-mail pedidos@abrasador.com and we send the order to receive in home 24-48 hours.

And if you prefer that we make it easier for you, you can directly see some of the lots already specified so you don't have to think about which products to choose:

Lots of gourmet meat for home

From Group Abrasador our biggest wish is you are all well and that you can spend the days the best that you can at home and always with a positive attitude. Get through this together and of course will pass an important page in our history, but now we must be strong.

Christmas menus Scorching Sancho's saddlebag


Starters to share (4 PEOPLE)

Iberian ham with cheese La Casota
Dozen grilled shrimp
Cuttlefish to the Andalusian


Sirloin of beef grilled (300g)

Boneless leg kid fried with garlic

Chuletillas de lechal

Hake fresh to taste

Cod with ratatouille manchego


Brioche with vanilla ice cream

Coffee and glass of champagne or chupito


Price per person: 30 €


Starters to share (4 PEOPLE)

Assortment of Iberian
Cesar salad with crispy Veal


2 Grilled king prawns
2 National cooked prawns
2 Grilled Zamburriñas


Magret of grilled beef (Juicy cut needle 300g)

Iberian sirloin grilled aroma of Mt.

Chuletillas de lechal

Cocochas cod with the garlic prawns


Brioche with vanilla ice cream

Coffee and glass of champagne or chupito


Price per person: 36 €


Starters to share (4 PEOPLE)

Table of Iberian cheese
Mussels specialty


2 Grilled carabineros
2 Zamburriñas


Shoulder of lamb to the oven

Beef tenderloin grilled

Tenderloin Tournedos grilled Iberian (250g)

Sea bass back with the garlic prawns


The saddlebag Sancho

Coffee and glass of champagne or chupito


Price per person: 40 €

Food and genetic selection, challenges in the livestock sector.

livestock interview by the magazine Extremadura flow to Abrasador Group


  1. How arose Searing project, what objectives and volume has been reached regarding marketing of meat and nOmero restaurants?

When still we had my sisters 21 Y 19 years respectively, and me 23 years, My father sold a small farm in Herrera del Duque and with that money bought a store in Toledo, in one of the areas of further trade.

Padre Julio and Julio Son in Abrasador farm
Padre Julio, founder of livestock and Julio son, Scorching cofounder.

We decided to mount a café-restaurant with my mother and my sister Olivia, While we studied, creating a S.A.L (labor corporation with five partners). And we began to ask my father that we will select the best that he had to offer our customers in the menus of the day.

Following there began testing systems and testing ember which were the best cooked and 4 years later we set up a second restaurant specializing in grilled and, Asador Europe Young. And after the tremendous success we had, we decided two years creating the Scorching brand with an initial franchise project.

Cows in the field
Scorching cattle breeding own

As the franchise project did not work with inexperienced entrepreneurs hostelry. We saw that the project only worked with restaurants success They are incorporating our own parenting meat. And we created a business model of corner franchise brand to incorporate meat into successful restaurants and brand.

Currently we already 32 partner restaurants throughout Spain and other 114 Restaurants are customers and when carrying over a year value together, the possibility to incorporate them into the network of restaurants Abrasador. This year there are signed other 8 Restaurants are incorporated into the brand Burning. Which has its own application, your web, APP, its central reserves and is already more than 1.000.000 of loyal customers seeking Scorching meat restaurants to go eat a good grilled meat.

Billing 2018 as group restaurants is about 9.600.000,00 € more 1.520.000,00 € billing meat and products of own upbringing.

2. What Unlike the beef and That you furnish the Iberian frenyou to other?

Security have always selected the same quality without fluctuation prices throughout the year.

3. You have several ranches in CAceres and Badajoz. What kind of cattle is the that young in them, what number you have actualmente and how It has been vuestra experience in the field extremeño?

Primarily in cattle we breed cross Charolais and Limousin race, and Iberian crossing pure Iberian with Duroc Yersey. Currently our brothers number about 950 Life cows and a 2200 heads kept feeding.

Scorching cows at Finca de Caceres Torrejon del Rubio
Cows on the farm of Torrejon del Rubio (Cáceres)

Undoubtedly one of the best land in order to have gained extensive is Extremadura. His field is especially good for food and space for cows belly. Since we had 4 years, we were with our father in the truck, a Avia 3000 Extremadura in search of good cattle. Then we feed my people based on good grain and more nutrients to make a special meat that is what we serve in our restaurants.

And now we on the farms themselves with spaces to look carefully those selected cattle, we feed very carefully for one year, with shelter from rain and bad weather, with shadow without passing cold and stress. So we only need them to music and give them beer as they did once say Japanese.

Rearing farm Scorching Own Group
José María Ramírez road riding

4. From your point of view, ¿which are the main challenges raised the extensive livestock sector today?

We could say that the main challenges are:

1.- Feeding healthy cattle: For as they say, of what you eat are raised. Healthy eating is transmitted directly to the then we eat meat. To do this we must ensure that the lands do not chemical fertilizers used. We use only fertilizers natural and organic.

2.- Combating climate: Another challenge is the care of the planet to maintain an optimal climate in our lands, the spring and fall seasons again become large. Well now much are cut and there is further feed the cows for many months.

3.- Another important challenge is the selection genetics, to do a good choice for very prolific mothers, very dairy, rearing calves with high conversion rate, selection also ideal stallions, for good calves with high rate conversion and their meat marbling, marbled, with good texture, good flavor and good color.

4.- Another great challenge is get all the cows each livestock they can give birth so that they are primables and thus must be well groomed. Thus more competitive and productive beef space is achieved in the European Economic Community, It is giving us aid prductiva cow breeding to make this sustainable and profitable livestock profession in our country and in particular in this community.

5.- And finally the biggest challenge coil is to fight tuberculosis.Hunting habitat shares with cattle. And the hunt is carrying the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis that causes tuberculosis. It is a disease notifiable is a zoonosis and therefore are required to meet minimum health program in which annual tests are done or semester by province, and is a great struggle, because they leave many positive due to contact with hunting. Getting eradicate this disease we could say that would be the biggest challenge.

This question has been answered by my little brother, Alfonso Ramirez Camino, Veterinary and Livestock the group Abrasador.

Alfonso Ramirez with cattle
Alfonso, brand veterinarian and rancher in the same

5. The meat of extremeña beef It is of exceptional quality, thanks todo a la Dehesa, but maybe It is less known that the Galician name or the Ávila what le for lack mons known by the consumer?

The first thing you need is to have and inform the final consumer about the product. And the second is to establish methods to ensure customer homogeneity and price stability.

And we know that today in a market global, we have to be competitive crossings select the best genetics to achieve The best meat, sticking to the best of our traditions and improving everything in which we are not competitive.

Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz
Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz

But anyway I think to date, in Spain at least, we know that Dehesa de Extremadura is one of the best places in the world to have won in extensive.

6. In the latest yeathe, fresh meat of Iberian They have become very fashionable ¿Have you noticed it too you in demand for property hasecimiencough Hospitality?

In the year 1994 when we started our first restaurant, my sisters, my sister in law, my mother and I, my father came start raising Iberian pigs, Besides beef and learned from Extremadura, Guijuelo and Huelva. As of today we have an extraordinary quality, with which they are very happy all the associated restaurants Scorching brand and therefore those millions of customers throughout Spain that at some point have visited over 30 Scorching restaurants and more 115 Restaurants are also clients and our meats own parenting, although some of the latter have not yet grilled and so are customers but they are not associated with brand Abrasador.

From my point of view, the Iberian pig is not a fad but a tendenhere. Eat Healthy, Healthy food, fits perfectly with the Iberian pig, which has more than one 75% or put in place of the poly-unsaturated fats and that It makes it beneficial for food.

Our mission as a group is "Feeding Improve human being through through hospitality with meats own upbringing ", and why we choose to produce these two types of meats, beef and Iberian, they are for us and our customers the best for all we know. But we remain open to know, making and improve everything our partner restaurants will offer suing us the best grilled meat market.