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The most interesting terraces for eating grilled meat

The most interesting terraces for eating grilled meat

The art of terracing is also present in much of the Scorching restaurants, with terraces of the most varied to enjoy your grilled meats.

With the arrival of good weather there is something we love to practice, and this is the terracing. We took advantage of the excellent weather we have, to go out and enjoy the outdoors meal at our favorite restaurant. And it is during this time when Scorching restaurants take their tables on the street, the countryside or the garden.

Today we will know some of the most interesting Scorching terraces ...

Scorching restaurant Casa Pedro in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

This restaurant was founded in 1979, and since 2009 They are associated with Abrasador Group to offer meats grilled own upbringing. This restaurant grill Dos Hermanas, you can sample dishes with modern touches and grilled.

It has a nice living room and tapas and beer area where is this fabulous terrace.

terrace Abrasador

Scorching terrace Casa Pedro

Restaurant Scorching Las Lomas in Guejar Sierra (Granada)

Near the ski resort of Sierra Nevada and within the camping Las Lomas, This restaurant is Abrasador. But with the arrival of good weather, terrace becomes a great place to enjoy the sights and good local cuisine and grilled meats.

Its magnificent views of the mountains makes you isolate yourself from everything and enjoy the company and its dishes.

Scorching Restaurant hills

Terrace Scorching Las Lomas

Scorching Restaurante El Cercado in Bérchules (Granada)

This magnificent restaurant belongs to the rural resort of El Cercado, which is nestled in the heart of Alpujarra, an area full of stories moriscas.

This brasserie restaurant Bérchules you can taste the best cuisine and meats alpujarreña Abrasador, in its charming dining room or enjoying the outdoors in her pretty terrace bar, right next to the pool that combines bath with food, tapas or coffee.

Terrace and pool Scorching Restaurante El Cercado

Terrace and pool El Cercado

Scorching Restaurant Toledo

Restaurant founded by the brothers Ramirez Camino de Scorching Group in the imperial city, and the first of the brand partner restaurants. It has a nice dining Inspirational inside and a bar area.

Its urban terrace is ideal for grilled dishes taste the R & D group prepares, although you can also have breakfast, aperitifs, and of course eating dinner.

Scorching brasserie grill restaurant Toledo

Scorching Terrace Toledo

Scorching Restaurant Altomira Navajas (Castellón)

In the Altomira camping and surrounded by nature is this restaurant, specialist as rice and grilled meats. It has a bar area, a newly refurbished room and two terraces. One located outside and overlooking the campsite, and the other is lovely, within an inner courtyard at the restaurant with a garden.

Scorching restaurant terrace Altomira Navajas

Scorching terrace Altomira

Scorching La Carreta restaurant in Ronda (Málaga)

In the center of Ronda and a few meters from the famous “Tajo”, It is this nice restaurant where you can sample dishes from the local cuisine, but also international cuisine and of course grilled meat.

You can sit inside, but if you choose to do it on your terrace, You can enjoy the superb climate racking in the province of Málaga.

Scorching La Carreta restaurant Ronda

Scorching terrace La Carreta

Restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon in Consuegra (Toledo)

Manchego in this village surrounded by Quixotic windmills, is located in the heart this brasserie. And no doubt because of the exquisite interior decoration, makes it a more than recommended to enjoy the Manchego cuisine with modern touches, with the best grilled meats.

But their shared terrace with bar El Pesca which also belongs to the same owners, It is located in the Plaza of Spain, where you can eat, tapas or dinner while the evolution of life is seen consaburense.

Scorching terrace cinnamon and lemon

Scorching terrace cinnamon and lemon

Scorching restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha Villarrubia eye (Real city)

This brasserie is located within the Resort "El Mirador de la Mancha", composed of wooden huts and all kinds of services.

In the restaurant you can taste the best Manchego cuisine and grilled meats, They are performing the chef Javier Donaire with his team. It has four beautiful rooms surrounded by wood.

Chairing the terrace the figure of Don Quixote highest in the world is located. By Valentin Rodriguez pinewood. This has a height of about 9,85 meters and weighing approximately 2450 kilos. In addition the views from here to all the Manchego plains are spectacular.

Scorching restaurant Mirador de la Mancha

Scorching sun terrace Mirador de la Mancha

Scorching restaurant La Ronda in Carcabuey (Córdoba)

With two locations one winter and one summer, this traditional restaurant subbética Cordovan region is able to offer its customers two rooms, each for a different time of year. And in summer moved from its location gastronomy always to the premises of the municipal swimming pool Carcabuey, with a terrace that will delight your customers.

Terrace Restaurant scorching round

Terrace Abrasador La Ronda

Scorching Zeppelin Restaurant Zentro in Torrelodones (Madrid)

This restaurant is located in the heart of Torrelodones, in the Plaza de la Constitution. It has a large breakfast bar and tapas and living room. It also has a nice outdoor terrace and an interior.

Scorching Zeppelin Restaurant Zentro

Scorching Zeppelín Zentro Terrace

Scorching restaurant Armando Bejar (Salamanca)

In the heart of the Salamanca town in the Plaza de Maldonado, we find this excellent restaurant to taste the local cuisine and the best grilled meats in the area.

The terrace is full of life to be a focal point of the city, you can also enjoy watching the church history of El Salvador and the Ducal Palace Béjar.

Scorching restaurant Armando

Scorching terrace Armando

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag in Campo de Criptana (Real city)

Come here is to breathe pure Mancha, and not only for its traditional food and grilled meats, but also for its decoration. It has an indoor lounge and a terrace to live the street.

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

Scorching terrace Sancho's saddlebag

Scorching restaurant Casa Benito in Alcala de Henares (Madrid)

A restaurant that belongs to the tradition of his city, where every week there are hundreds of residents and visitors of this monumental city madreleña, those who come to eat called for its excellent home cooking and oven baked meats grilled.

Of course, It has an urban terrace that provides its visitors the pleasure of enjoying the cookout.

Scorching terrace Casa Benito

Scorching Restaurant Rio Jerte in Navaconcejo (Cáceres)

Scorching another restaurant located in a camping with the same name. The peculiarity of this terrace does being surrounded by nature, also it has a section devoted to entertain the kids with outdoor games. Definitely, a place to unwind and enjoy the best cuisine of Valle del Jerte.

Scorching Terrace Rio Jerte

Scorching restaurant Arco Iris in Villaviciosa (Madrid)

Very close to Madrid found Scorching Rainbow, in the campsite which gives it its name. It becomes a perfect choice for a quick getaway to enjoy grilled meats Abrasador.

This grill restaurant has an indoor lounge and a terrace that will delight everyone who visits this charming and pleasant restaurant, is not staying or camping. It also has a children's play area on the same terrace.

Scorching Rainbow Terrace Restaurant

Scorching Rainbow Terrace

Scorching restaurant El Astral in Tordesillas (Valladolid)

In the Valladolid town of Tordesillas we found this restaurant grill, nestled in a first class campsite which gives its name to this restaurant.

The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy grilled meats that so excellently prepared here, in addition to other specialties.

Scorching photo Terrace Astral

Scorching Terrace Astral

Restaurant Scorching Cantabria Polientes (Valle de Valderredible – Cantabria)

If you doubt, a place to enjoy magnificent views of nature. This grill restaurant located in Cantabria Camping, and in the valley of Valderredible, It has a beautiful living room interior of a country style, and a terrace with views, serving grilled meats.

Comer carnes a la brasa en Cantabria

Scorching Corral del Rey restaurant in Trujillo (Cáceres)

It is a culinary landmark in this historic city, recommended by the Michelin Guide and selected in the Repsol Guide, which together with its decoration and located in the former outbuildings of a XVI century palace, make this restaurant grill Trujillo, a charming place.

Terrace in the old town, It is an exceptional place to enjoy the best grilled meats and Extremadura cuisine, while the history of this town is contemplated.

Terraza restaurante asador Corral del Rey en Trujillo

Scorching Restaurant Abuelito in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

Restaurant located in the center of the suburb, with a letter elaborately with modern touches, to enjoy the best cuts of grilled meat. And of course the terrace becomes the ideal place to taste the best of your kitchen.

Comer carnes a la brasa en Pozuelo de Alarcón

Abrasador Gaia Restaurant at Casa da Corredoira
This grill restaurant located in Padrón in the heart of Galicia, offers grilled meats, daily menu and traditional dishes of Galician cuisine. The restaurant also has a cafeteria, outdoor terrace next to a nice garden, and a large parking area for customers, making it ideal for all kinds of celebrations and events.

That is why an idyllic place to eat and feel nature since it has a space of more than 1.000 square meters and outdoor terrace, next to the river. In fact, the garden has more than 500 meters and treasures rooms of more than 200 meters inside. Gaia is the result of a perfect symbiosis between an excellent gastronomy in the heart of Galicia's landscape.

Scorching Gaia Terrace

Restaurant Abrasador El Capricho de los Torres
Restaurant located in the heart Mancha led by the chef Carlos J Torres where we find a perfect combination of avant-garde cuisine with traditional touches, Scorching grill and meats.
Scorching El Capricho de los Torres is a charming place in Toledo where every last detail of the most multicolored gastronomy of Villacañas is taken care of. With a calm and relaxing environment, This benchmark restaurant in Spain has become one of the most masterful cuisines both for its gastronomy and for its excellent service that are a mandatory stop on any getaway in La Mancha..

Scorching Terrace El Capricho de los Torres

Abrasador Finca Embid Restaurant (Cuencaa)

This magnificent restaurant is located within Camping Caravaning Cuenca, although the Cuenca restaurant has a separate entrance to the camping complex. .

This scorching house is characterized by being located in the middle of nature and very close to the city of Cuenca, an idyllic place to eat by the river Júcar. In fact, this natural setting makes food very relaxing. and the feeling of peace intensifies. Finca Embid is a specialist in local gastronomy , In addition to offering grilled meat from its own breeding, such as the yearling veal and the Iberian field bait pig, which can be enjoyed on its large terrace next to the pool.

Scorching Terrace Finca Embid

Javier Donaire, Chef of the restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

"If there is not a good quality policy, there is no route and failure is assured "

Javier Donaire, Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha
Javier Donaire
Javier Donaire Chef of Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

We speak with Javier Donaire, chef of the Scorching Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha, located in Villarubia de los Ojos (Real city), to tell us about your experience in the world of restoration, after thirty years dedicated to this wonderful sector.

Javier started very young in the world of restoration, your first experience, that today remembers with great pride, It was in a hotel establishment in his municipality, The Casino of Malagón. With the passage of time and a little more experience, Donaire left his town to continue dedicating himself to the hospitality industry, a sector that, as he describes himself, “is passionate about”. After working in different restaurants in our country, Javier decided to return to his municipality, It was at that moment when the opportunity arose to be the chef of the one he is today, 15 years after his arrival, the Scorching Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha, of which Javier is also the manager and manager.

Photo El Mirador de la Mancha
Patio of the Restaurant imitating the Corral de Comedias de Almagro

Javier, let's talk about your restaurant. When was it created and what characteristics does it have?

El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant was built in March 2003, and two years later I arrived. I can proudly say about this restaurant that it is a spectacular place. The reason? Our restaurant is located on top of a high mountain range and is built in wood. Likewise, our cuisine is characterized by being traditional, with typical Manchego dishes, roasts and of course something that can not be missing, Grill!

Tasting with Javier Donaire
Click this photo to see the news about the Training Days in El mirador de la Mancha

In addition to the hotel establishment, we also have a complex dedicated to rural tourism; cabins built on top of olive trees for those who want to spend a few days unwinding. And on the other hand, we are dedicated to the world of events. A bit of everything! (Laughs).

Your restaurant has become a success story of the Scorching Group, What can you tell me about it?

Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha I would say it is a very picturesque place, a place where customers in addition to enjoying a very pleasant environment, they also do a high quality gastronomy.

Rincon de Brasa
Rincon de Brasa in El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant

Why is it important to have a good quality policy in the catering sector?

Having a good quality policy is essential for a hotel establishment. If there is no good quality policy, there is no route and failure is assured.

This was one of the reasons we decided to go for Scorching. We met the Group ago 4 years and we found that we liked their work policy a lot: same quality in the product always, great concern to improve day by day, commitment to continuous training ... in short, it was what we were looking for. After trying them, we became scorching, and since 3 years we worked hand in hand.

Javier on the Visit to Toledo
Javier Donaire on his visit to the Self-Breeding Farm

What sets you apart from the rest of the restaurant in your area?

The difference is the uniqueness of the site, not an easy establishment to find, there are few places as peculiar as ours and this differentiates us from the rest. Of course, without forgetting the team that we are part of this great family and that we fight every day so that everything goes well.

Do you have any upcoming goals?

Ours is a continuous development, every year we do some work to expand or improve the facilities. At present we are immersed in the work of a new area for access to the place where we hold the events. Apart of this, I would say that our main objective is that the people who pass by the establishment leave happy and want to return.

Now let's talk about your relationship with the Burning Group

Event Hall
Catering at El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

We carry 3 years and a half associated and our experience is being very good, we are very satisfied, not only for the quality of the product as I have said before, but also for its variety, for continuous training and communication with us. From Scorching they do things very well!

Events in the Halls
Scorching Group Training Days at El Mirador de la Mancha

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

Consistency and maintaining a firm quality line, and a very unique space; that's what makes us fill up every weekend.

Have you had a sales increase in recent years?

Yes, At the restaurant level, we have noticed an increase in the number of sales around the 10% every year, both on the weekend and on a daily basis.

Scorching Event
Catering during the training of Grupo Abrasador in El Mirador de la Mancha

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

His humanity, your familiarity, continuous training, the desire for improvement, Y, definitely, the way of being they have to, for example, it is a value that matters a lot to us, because if you have a good product but you are not a plain person, close, that you take into account what a client can tell you, it's no use.

Luz and Javier in El Mirador
Luz María and Javier collecting Scorching recognition

What you are positioned as in your city?

In Google we have an average score of 4.3 on 5 and on TripAdvisor a score of 4 on 5.

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Every day more because people who are not from the area, that is to say, who are passing through, they are guided a lot by these digital tools, that today give you the possibility to know the scores and read the comments and responses of the establishment, a bit of everything. Thus, both digitization and online reputation are very important.

Javier Donaire
Javier Donaire in Scorching Training Days with Diego Coquillat

And finally, do you think that in the world of catering, a little more training is needed in the sector?? Why?

Training is always important. Although it is true that I believe that in recent years both employers and workers invest more in training than before; there is no doubt that there are still many people reluctant to spend money on taking courses or attending conferences, but I think that they are increasingly aware that if there is no continuous training, fall behind.

Family Photo Scorching Group
Family photo of Restaurant Group Partners associated with the brand

First National Award for Scorching Recipes 2019

First prize
See Video of the First Prize of the National Scorching Recipe Contest

Here is another video from Televerás where they share the news of Javier Donaire's First Prize in the Scorching National Recipe Contest 2019

The best restaurant in Almagro

Scorching dining restaurant Almagro

Interview with Placido Nuñez. Success stories of the group of scorching restaurants


I wanted a specialty restaurant, I liked the idea of ​​grilled meats own parenting, I bet for it and, 20 years later, I'm still here next to the Abrasador Group”

Placido Nuñez Prieto

Placido Núñez, Scorching Restaurant Owner Almagro, He saw an opportunity to start their own catering establishment and makes 20 years. Natural de Almagro (Real city), this entrepreneur has spent virtually his entire professional life to the hospitality industry, working in bars and restaurants from very different points of the Spanish geography.

Was in the year 2000 When Nunez decided to try launching his own restaurant. From the outset this entrepreneur was clear that his restaurant had to be different; that idea was what led him to meet the Ramirez family and, later, Scorching engage with the Group "in this great adventure", as he himself says.

Team Almagro
Scorching Team Almagro

Placid, let's talk about the restaurant Scorching Almagro. What features does this establishment, which in turn it is a success of the Scorching Group?

My restaurant is located in the historic center of Almagro next to the Municipal Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art, in a typical house of the late nineteenth century, I personally decorated, giving priority to art, to the theater, light and plants.

Manchego cuisine rich offer our products with designation of origin, but putting the accent on our own meats from the Scorching Group.

Our advantage is that Almagro is a town with the declaration of a Historical and receives many tourists. His heritage is an irresistible lure for tourists who want to end a good visit with a rewarding meal ... And here we come, with quality gastronomy, local and seasonal products, and specialty grilled meat, together with the experience of more than 20 years attending a public demanding.

Plaza de Almagro
Plaza Mayor de Almagro

What sets it apart from other restaurants?

Restaurant Scorching born with the purpose of offering a careful traditional cuisine but at different time, with certain touches of avant-garde and originality. further, my restaurant is recommended by the Guide Micheliín, recognition we have earned with hard work and enthusiasm. We also recommend you Tripadvisor (We are currently positioned as the first restaurant in Almagro thanks to the good feedbacks from our customers), and the popular French guidebook Routard We also recommend.

Image Network
Image Capture Advisor

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

Scorching work with the Group for more than 20 years and our experience is very positive. We have grown together, since we started working with them in the year 2000, we have shared experiences with great professionals, who bet on this type of business and that is a sign that we are doing something right.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

The key to success? Our offer grilled meats, with the added value that are own parenting, I think it was our guarantee for success. But if we join the professionalization of the sector, through training offered by the Group, more perseverance and good work ... There is in this business to struggle and work hard. But success is linked, definitely, a team of highly professional and motivated, who believes in the quality offered, and giving a service to meet the expectations of the customer who enters our Abrasador in Almagro.

Grilled ribeye
Beef Ribeye Anoja Abrasador

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

Scorching group is a chain with great professionals, who believe in what they do and bet on it, That it makes them different, in addition to its constancy in work and dedication. Passion and pride for the family business is your personal brand.

Photo Restaurants group Abrasdor
Scorching Training Days

What you are positioned as in your city?

On the one hand, Scorching Almagro is positioned as the restaurant Tripadvisor number 1 of the 37 there in Almagro. On the other hand, at Google we have a rating of 4.4 on 5.

For me these scores are very important, we must use all tools available. In my case, many people book in my restaurant thanks to these recommendations.

Scorching Almagro Restaurant Equipment
Facade and Restaurant Equipment

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Of course, It must take into account that people who come to Almagro are mainly tourists, which in turn use these tools when picking a restaurant or other, therefore for us, reputation is essential.

maybe, If my business was located in a municipality or a neighborhood with fixed clientele, therefore would not consider this…, but it is true that right now if you're not on new technologies, do not exist.

Scorching Tapas Restaurant Almagro
Scorching Tapas area Almagro

You think the world of restoration takes a little more training / professionalization of the sector? Why?

Of course, Customers are increasingly demanding. Things are not like before, Unlike, the concept of restoration has changed a lot. I remember that before people went out to eat a large quantity demanded. Then it changed and what was important was not only the amount, but also the price. Later, what was primarily it took into account the quality and price, but a little more quality. Today and for the last time, diners looking for good quality and good service, the price has moved to the background; as long as you eat well, the price is the least look.

Given all these factors we see people demand good service and, for it, training is needed, because the demands are greater every day. From Scorching Almagro we bet on training, we have to be the day when all developments to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Delivery of the Certificate of Attendance at the training days Abrasador
Training Assistance

For us to be number one on TripAdvisor, thanks to the score of our clients, and have a 4.4 in Google is an achievement to which we have come thanks to the work of our team of cooks, waitresses and waiters, and careful attention to the customer that starts on digital platforms, generating content and reporting of our cuisine. All this was subsequently embodied in our restaurant with excellent service, without forgetting that the process continues when the client has left and shares their opinion on social networks.

In tribute to Placido Nuñez who died in January 2021, since he was a faithful defender of Almagro and Burning, we will put a plate in his honor throughout the chain.

From the Central and with the help of friends from Almagro and Ciudad Real and from the entire Scorching Restaurant Group, we are managing together with Sandro, your son, Francis, his wife and Olga his daughter, to see if someone is encouraged to take the helm of Scorching Almagro. As soon as it is underway we will notify you. Sorry for the inconvenience.