A successful restaurant

Adolfo and Nacho

Adolfo and Nacho, owners of Scorching Restaurant Altomira

Interview with Adolfo Aucejo and Nacho Torres.

Success stories of the group of scorching restaurants

"We wanted to be different in our region and with Scorching we have achieved it "

Adolfo Aucejo Rosalen

Scorching Restaurant Altomira de Navajas, located in one of the main inland tourist destinations of the Valencian Community

Tables for lunch

Tables of the Scorching Altomira Restaurant

The Scorching Altomira restaurant in Navajas (Castellón) is another of the Group's success stories, where the mirror is reciprocal. The learning between franchisee and franchisee, for the enormous experience in hospitality of Adolfo and Nacho, Altomira partners, it is mutual.

Ideal enclave. Rural tourism Castellón

Navajas, just 40 minutes from Valencia and its metropolitan area and very close to Castellón, It is one of the main inland tourist destinations of the Valencian Community. "Our town is located between two natural parks, the Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona and the Ojos Negros greenway runs through it, the more long from Spain. The main tourist attraction of the town is the Salto de la Novia, a waterfall of 60 meters high.

El Salto de la Novia, Navajas, Castellón

Scorching Altomira specialization and ability

scorching Altomira, specialized in rice dishes and grilled and own-aged meats, has a capacity for 80 diners in the restaurant and 30 diners in the cafeteria, in addition to having an interior patio and an exterior terrace, where both lunch and dinner are also offered.

Rice with vegetables

Vegetable rice and Iberian ham from Altomira Restaurant

The beginnings of Scorching Altomira

Nacho Torres and Adolfo Aucejo begin their dream in hospitality in 1997, managing the Altomira campsite, where the Scorching Altomira restaurant is currently located.

“We soon realized that we had to unify the business and take it under the same direction. (since in the beginning the camping restaurant was managed by a third party) although it wasn't until four years ago when we bet on the brand Burning".

We have found excellence with our own special meats, grilled meats, both in veal and Iberian pork, Y novel cuts. All of it, added to the formations taught by the Scorching Group chef Carlos Torres, has allowed us to achieve one of our objectives: differentiate ourselves and be a gastronomic benchmark between the wide offer in our region.

Dining Room of the Scorching Restaurant Altomira

The formation, a highly valued pillar

The restaurant staff are involved in trainings throughout the year, both the one imparted by the chain and the one proposed by the Altomira management in the Development Centers of the Valencian Community (CDT), principally. “As business managers, the training of both the kitchen and living room staff, it is the main base and one of the strengths for which the Altomira restaurant bets without fissures ".

Altomira Training

Scorching Altomira Restaurant Team in training


Scorching recognition Altomira

Scorching recognition Altomira

Scorching Altomira's kitchen

The kitchen and gastronomic space of Altomira is aimed at a mostly family audience, but also couples, vacation tourism, family events, of companies, etc.

We work many zero kilometer products, enjoying those foods from a region like ours rich in extra virgin olive oil with Denomination of Origin, products from our garden and, of course, the meat of our own breeding and grilled from the family farm that the Group has been operating for two generations in Menasalbas (Toledo).

Our cuisine is traditional without losing the native recipe of our ancestors; but a tradition that never ceases to amaze the customer with testimonies, avant-garde proposals, novel presentations and dishes. The best reward we find is the experience our client has in the restaurant.

Objectives of the Altomira restaurant in Navajas

Our goal is to try to stay at the level we are today. "That is not easy", Adolfo points out, since Navajas is a small indoor nucleus, very well located, but where we have to give our best every day.

Outdoor spaces and engagement

With the improvements we have made at the beginning of 2020 (extension with the new outdoor terrace and playground) e driven as we said by training, in addition to the tenacity and motivation of the entire team, our objetive, and said with all the respect and responsibility, is to keep us.

Children's playground terrace

Terrace and playground in Scorching Altomira Restaurant

A challenging challenge without a doubt, when the objective is the commitment to a quality raw material, very powerful human resources - with an average team of 10 people throughout the year, that are the heart of Scorching Altomira- and surprise customers to continue betting and repeating in this gastronomic space.

Altomira team

Scorching Altomira Restaurant Team with Julio Ramirez and Carlos Torres

Photo Restaurants group Abrasdor
Scorching Training Days

Scorching Annual Convention 2021

Restaurant in a Place of La Mancha, Villacañas

“All the establishments that are part of the Group are a family, the Burning family”

Scorching consultant chef Carlos Torres Group
Carlos Torres from El Capricho de los Torres and Advisory Chef Grupo Abrasador

Carlos Torres, chef of the restaurant Abrasador El Capricho de Los Torres, located in the Toledo municipality of Villacañas and gastronomic advisor to the Abrasador Group, tells us in this interview what are the keys to success in a restaurant.

Villacañas Natural, Carlos Torres has dedicated his entire life to the restaurant sector: "My professional career began in the family business, created by my father does 37 years, which currently offers hospitality services, catering, wedding organization, events, etc. It all started with a “traditional bar” business, that over time evolved to become a leading hospitality group in the area, after betting on high quality and avant-garde cuisine ”Torres points out.

Trained in Toledo School of Hospitality, this chef has worked in different restaurants and this has allowed him to “learn from the best hoteliers”, as he himself says. He currently runs the kitchen of the Abrasador El Capricho de Los Torres restaurant and is also a member of the Association Eurotoques Castilla- La Mancha, and is part of the Board of Directors of the Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Toledo.

Cooks and Chefs of Castilla la Mancha
Carlos Torres with his fellow Chefs and collaborators of Eurotoques de Castilla la Mancha

A lifetime dedicated to the catering sector, Carlos tells us his best kept secrets, because as this businessman emphasizes, "Hospitality is their way of life, his talent, his passion… ”

"Definitely, what I like the most in the world is to make others happy and I achieve this thanks to gastronomy. I do not need anything else"

show cooking Carlos Torres
Show Cooking Carlos Torres and Mari Carmen Ramírez

Carlos, let's talk about your restaurant When was it created and what characteristics does it have?

Burning El Capricho de las Torres, formerly called Torres Restaurant, was built with the aim of giving, especially, food service for companies, always oriented towards high quality hospitality.

After the crisis of 2008, my brothers and I decided to convert the restaurant to a new format of hospitality that, at those moments I was succeeding in Madrid, and that's when we introduced the concept of gastrobar, with the aim of achieving a modern kitchen space more dedicated to gastronomy itself.

On the other hand, in those moments the concept of ember began to take, more and more great recipes were made using this type of technique. It was there when we met the Burning Group, to the Ramírez family. First, we test your product, and from that moment, we realized that the client increasingly demanded that gender, that good product that the Burning Group offered us, and after a few months we decided to associate with them.

Restaurante El Capricho
Carlos Torres during one of his charity dinners

At present, our kitchen could be described as a modern kitchen with certain avant-garde touches and charcoal. And what am I going to tell you, the truth is that we are very happy with the decision we made with the Ramírez family.

In Abrasador El Capricho de Los Torres we can reach the 350 diners in the restaurant area, we also have other spaces such as, for example, the “tapería” area, that we could describe it as the “usual bar space” and, by last, we have the "gastro" zone, where our clients can enjoy rations downtown to share.

That is to say, We have adapted our spaces so that our clients do not come to our restaurant exclusively to eat, but they can enjoy our establishment whenever they want because for that "we are multi-space". (Laughs).

El Capricho Bar
Bar and Cocktail Service in Abrasador El Capricho

Your restaurant has become a success story for Grupo Abrasador, What can you tell me about it?

I would say that this is possible thanks to the dedication and passion that we put into everything we do.. I also think that our personnel management is very important, there is nothing worse than not knowing what you are doing, no matter how motivated you are. You could say that we combine passion with management.

Why is it important to have a good quality policy in the catering sector?

Currently we don't go out to eat, to eat we have left it for the day to day. Now what we are looking for in a restaurant is the experience it offers us but, Of course, if at the moment of truth you don't have a quality product to back you up, customers will not return.

With Grupo Abrasador I know that quality is guaranteed and that gives me peace of mind, I used to go to the butcher shop and they would sell me what they wanted, but now thanks to the product, which is always the same, we managed to build customer loyalty.

Grilled meat of the Iberian pig breeding own scorching
Grilled meats, My grilled Iberian

What differentiates your restaurant from other establishments in the area?

I would say that our identity makes us different. Thanks to this we can serve experiences. We have a clear objective and that is our client. Today traditional hospitality has changed and there are two options: or do you have identity, or you are one more and, It is already very difficult to be the best!

Sincerely, I think you shouldn't try to be the best, you have to try to be different so they don't compare you. When we put our product on the table, no one can compare us to others, because our clients leave with an experience.

Do you have any upcoming goals?

In these difficult times it is difficult to talk about upcoming goals or challenges. In our company we had in mind to launch a new project "agriculture to process pistachio" but this has changed today.

Right now our main objective is to save the year, serve people as best as possible and, especially, take care of our staff. At this time, businessmen have to give the best of ourselves because in the end the team is the 80 percent of work. I think the numbers this year are not going to be good and that's why you have to think about us and take care of our team. Without a doubt, our goal today is more personal than professional..

Now let's talk about your relationship with the Burning Group

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand? 

We met the Ramírez family in the year 2015. And it was in the year 2016 when we join the group. I have to say that this decision has changed our lives, we have changed the concept of thinking, thanks in part to the training provided by the chain. We are a family Y together We have learned to manage teamwork so that everything works out, regardless of the product, which is also very important and, As I said before, diners are delighted (laughs); together with Abrasador we have grown hand in hand both personally and professionally.

Photo in Abrasador El Capricho
Family Photo in one of the Burning Training Days

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

Passion: working with passion is the key to job success.

Constancy: Pablo Picasso said that we are a 10 percent inspiration and a 90 percent work, So I believe that consistency is one of the keys to achieving that success..

Humility: Absolute truth has no one and thanks to humility we can continue learning. I think we all contribute knowledge and ideas and without humility we cannot learn.

Passion and enthusiasm for work
Carlos Torres serving one of his dishes at Abrasador

Have you had a sales increase in recent years? 

Yes and no, we from the first day we opened the restaurant as a gastrobar in 2014 we have always worked very well, although it is true that when we changed from molecular cuisine to scorching cuisine we did notice that people repeated more.

We have had a very weekend public for a few years, people coming from Madrid, who are used to this type of cuisine, and that's why he likes our restaurant, but now we also have families that come to celebrate any type of event, or simply a group of people looking to meet and choose us.

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

Passion, constancy, humility, ability to team up and, especially, I would define them as family, family is the word that best describes them. All the establishments that are part of the group are Burning family and we understand this as well because we all have one thing in common: we don't work just for the money and that's the basis for success. The economic issue is a consequence that comes, that is there, and of course it is necessary, but it is not the primary key.

Oyster Corner in Restaurant
Pilar Torres in the Oyster Corner at Abrasador El Capricho

Hospitality is a way of life and we all love what we do

What you are positioned as in your city?

In Tripadvisor and Google we are positioned as the number one restaurant 2, and our score is 4.6.

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

As a person who likes to learn, I have always had an internal debate on this topic. At first I did not bet on this type of tools, preferred offline communication, the word of mouth of a lifetime, but with the passage of time we have realized that the client has changed and this means that we no longer only have clients from Villacañas, We also have external clients from other towns.

Thus, Both me and the rest of the team have learned that having a good online reputation is basic and that the door of our restaurant is not glass, it's digital. When you carefully analyze what you do in your daily life, is when you realize that if you go out to eat somewhere, the first thing you do is call an acquaintance and, Secondly, search the Internet, Read the comments and also read the owner's responses.

Today I understand that digital reputation is so important, how to turn on the coffee maker in the morning, in that order, because if you don't have a good digital reputation you will still be one more, you will have fixed clients, that over time they will get tired, because people demand changes. Definitely, good reviews can help us a lot, but the bad ones can help us even more ... and, yes, online reputation is very important.

Cover Manager with electronic booking book
Cover Manager, one of Abrasador's digital tools with the electronic booking book

And to end, As an advisory chef to the Group, do you think that in the world of restaurants a little more training is needed in the sector? Why?

Of course, in our case a 10% of our annual budget, whatever it is, we dedicate it to training, either books, courses, seminars, gastronomic escapades that serve us as learning… 

Keep in mind that training is basic, there is no life without training, I've been a cook since 13 years and I have never stopped training, because cooking is easy, the difficult thing is to be able to combine all the emotions and manage them within a company. Without training we couldn't do that. So much for the kitchen, as for team management, from a restaurant, or even for digital management ... training is basic.

Carlos Torres chef speaker at the second technical time scorching 2019
Chef Carlos Torres paper

Grilled meat restaurant to eat in Alcala de Henares

Interview with Ricardo Calvo Merino from Scorching Restaurant Casa Benito de Alcala de Henares, associated for 12 years with Scorching Group specialized in Grilled Meats.

Restaurant recommended in Tordesillas, Valladolid

"Quality in hospitality and restoration are basic elements for the business to yield to the maximum and Create loyal customers correctly"

Eduardo de Scorching The Astral
Eduardo Gutierrez Restaurant Abrasador El Astral

Today we spoke with Eduardo Gutiérrez, responsible of Restaurant Abrasador El Astral Tordesillas, Diploma in Tourism at the School of Tourism Valladolid, his career has always been linked to the tourism sector. Was in the year 1982 when his family decided to open Camping El Astral, located in Tordesillas (Castilla y León); a campsite that today directs Eduardo Gutiérrez and part of the Group of Restaurants Abrasador.

His extensive professional experience in other sectors such as travel agencies and tour operators, he has served this entrepreneur to implement various projects, today are success stories. Gutierrez is also a founding partner of the Campingred group, and president and CEO of the company management and sale of camping Q10 Management.

Eduardo, Campingred talk about Astral. What features does?

The services offered by the site are now virtually the same as when it opened back in 1982, logically with modifications and improvements that have been incorporated along the nearly 40 years at operation.

Astral has the amenities of a campground 4 stars: large plots, beautiful bungalows, maintained sports facilities, two pools beautiful, almost a hectare of landscaped parkland and leisure, bar, restaurant, supermarket, etc. Y, all, attended by an extraordinary and very friendly team, our main asset.

Campingred bungalows Astral

Let's talk about the food court of the camping. Your restaurant has become a success story of the Scorching Group, What can you tell me about it?

A few years ago my family and I were looking to change our restoration model for improving our food service, at that time I met the Ramirez family and that was when I felt a huge wave of sympathy, commitment, quality and professionalism to them.

Those 4 legs are also the ensigns of our family business, We understood from the start, and support has been critical to our project has been a success and is almost consolidated.

Scorching Salon Astral
Scorching Lounge Restaurant Astral

Why is it important for a camping also have a good quality policy regarding restoration?

The camping sector is the great unknown for Spanish tourism, although we are the European avant-garde and our technology and our business model have little to envy to many domestic hotels. Not forgetting the millions of overnight stays generated by our establishments.

Our service needs to customers are, As minimum, same as those of a hotel, but with more complexity, because the service must be prepared for an average number of people much more elevated than a hotel. It should be borne in mind that, for example, The Astral is a small camping when compared with other accommodation of its kind in Spain, and in one day weekend of August you can have inside nearly a thousand people from all services.

Hence, quality hotels and restaurants are basic for the business to render the maximum and Create loyal customer correctly. These production centers can assume the 50% of total turnover and also its contribution to the image of the camping it is paramount.

Grilled meat of the Iberian pig breeding own scorching
Grilled meats, My grilled Iberian

Now let's talk about your relationship with Scorching group: How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

Scorching took the Group since March 2015, five years right now.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

The key is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, from the excellent product of the Scorching Group every detail of the service. To this, we will add a touch of informality and friendliness that highlights us.

Scorching team Astral
Assistance Team Abrasador The Astral to Training

Have you had a sales increase in recent years? 

Since 2015 the progression has been spectacular, with annual increases above the 30%. Specific, billing 2019 He was a 45% increase over the previous year. And when compared with that of 2015, the increase is the 400%.

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

I would emphasize above all, humility and desire to learn showing. If you add to that excitement, work capacity and growing professionalism at all levels, the result is amazing and varied we are getting from all.

party group photo Abrasador
Family photo of the Scorching Group at the Annual Convention

What you are positioned as in your city?

Our restaurant is on TripAdvisor the number 2 of 30 restaurants. See the profile of the Tripadvisor

And Google have an assessment of a 4,5 on 5 it is also helping us a lot. View Google profile

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

It is vital. Long ago that the client has in his hands the reputation of the establishment. What once were specialized guides, Now all we do when we eat anywhere. We look for online references and then we put our own for others to see.

If you are not visible in that world, literally do not exist and it costs much more to build your business. And our companies need a strong initial investment, We can not wait long to get benefits.

Scorching reputation on Line
Tripadvisor valuation of the restaurant Abrasador El Astral

And to end, as a professional in this sector, Do you think that in the world of restoration takes a little more training sector? Why?

Training and professionalism are essential in any sector that is alive and wants to remain so. You have to keep you on trend, technologies, business approaches, advantages and clouds. And your team each must go through the same at their level.

It is also important to share and exchange knowledge and experiences with other professional colleagues and seek synergies with various suppliers who want to find new ways you. This latter is one of the biggest attractions of the Scorching Group, the amount of talent shared one finds rowing in the same direction is amazing and me tremendously motivating.

Clicking on the image below we show a video of Eduardo Gutierrez and his teams attending the last days Scorching Training Group

Julio Eduardo and Esperanza
Eduardo Gutierrez with Hope and the Central Scorching July

The best restaurant in Almagro

Scorching dining restaurant Almagro

Interview with Placido Nuñez. Success stories of the group of scorching restaurants


I wanted a specialty restaurant, I liked the idea of ​​grilled meats own parenting, I bet for it and, 20 years later, I'm still here next to the Abrasador Group”

Placido Nuñez Prieto

Placido Núñez, Scorching Restaurant Owner Almagro, He saw an opportunity to start their own catering establishment and makes 20 years. Natural de Almagro (Real city), this entrepreneur has spent virtually his entire professional life to the hospitality industry, working in bars and restaurants from very different points of the Spanish geography.

Was in the year 2000 When Nunez decided to try launching his own restaurant. From the outset this entrepreneur was clear that his restaurant had to be different; that idea was what led him to meet the Ramirez family and, later, Scorching engage with the Group "in this great adventure", as he himself says.

Team Almagro
Scorching Team Almagro

Placid, let's talk about the restaurant Scorching Almagro. What features does this establishment, which in turn it is a success of the Scorching Group?

My restaurant is located in the historic center of Almagro next to the Municipal Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art, in a typical house of the late nineteenth century, I personally decorated, giving priority to art, to the theater, light and plants.

Manchego cuisine rich offer our products with designation of origin, but putting the accent on our own meats from the Scorching Group.

Our advantage is that Almagro is a town with the declaration of a Historical and receives many tourists. His heritage is an irresistible lure for tourists who want to end a good visit with a rewarding meal ... And here we come, with quality gastronomy, local and seasonal products, and specialty grilled meat, together with the experience of more than 20 years attending a public demanding.

Plaza de Almagro
Plaza Mayor de Almagro

What sets it apart from other restaurants?

Restaurant Scorching born with the purpose of offering a careful traditional cuisine but at different time, with certain touches of avant-garde and originality. further, my restaurant is recommended by the Guide Micheliín, recognition we have earned with hard work and enthusiasm. We also recommend you Tripadvisor (We are currently positioned as the first restaurant in Almagro thanks to the good feedbacks from our customers), and the popular French guidebook Routard We also recommend.

Image Network
Image Capture Advisor

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

Scorching work with the Group for more than 20 years and our experience is very positive. We have grown together, since we started working with them in the year 2000, we have shared experiences with great professionals, who bet on this type of business and that is a sign that we are doing something right.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

The key to success? Our offer grilled meats, with the added value that are own parenting, I think it was our guarantee for success. But if we join the professionalization of the sector, through training offered by the Group, more perseverance and good work ... There is in this business to struggle and work hard. But success is linked, definitely, a team of highly professional and motivated, who believes in the quality offered, and giving a service to meet the expectations of the customer who enters our Abrasador in Almagro.

Grilled ribeye
Beef Ribeye Anoja Abrasador

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

Scorching group is a chain with great professionals, who believe in what they do and bet on it, That it makes them different, in addition to its constancy in work and dedication. Passion and pride for the family business is your personal brand.

Photo Restaurants group Abrasdor
Scorching Training Days

What you are positioned as in your city?

On the one hand, Scorching Almagro is positioned as the restaurant Tripadvisor number 1 of the 37 there in Almagro. On the other hand, at Google we have a rating of 4.4 on 5.

For me these scores are very important, we must use all tools available. In my case, many people book in my restaurant thanks to these recommendations.

Scorching Almagro Restaurant Equipment
Facade and Restaurant Equipment

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Of course, It must take into account that people who come to Almagro are mainly tourists, which in turn use these tools when picking a restaurant or other, therefore for us, reputation is essential.

maybe, If my business was located in a municipality or a neighborhood with fixed clientele, therefore would not consider this…, but it is true that right now if you're not on new technologies, do not exist.

Scorching Tapas Restaurant Almagro
Scorching Tapas area Almagro

You think the world of restoration takes a little more training / professionalization of the sector? Why?

Of course, Customers are increasingly demanding. Things are not like before, Unlike, the concept of restoration has changed a lot. I remember that before people went out to eat a large quantity demanded. Then it changed and what was important was not only the amount, but also the price. Later, what was primarily it took into account the quality and price, but a little more quality. Today and for the last time, diners looking for good quality and good service, the price has moved to the background; as long as you eat well, the price is the least look.

Given all these factors we see people demand good service and, for it, training is needed, because the demands are greater every day. From Scorching Almagro we bet on training, we have to be the day when all developments to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Delivery of the Certificate of Attendance at the training days Abrasador
Training Assistance

For us to be number one on TripAdvisor, thanks to the score of our clients, and have a 4.4 in Google is an achievement to which we have come thanks to the work of our team of cooks, waitresses and waiters, and careful attention to the customer that starts on digital platforms, generating content and reporting of our cuisine. All this was subsequently embodied in our restaurant with excellent service, without forgetting that the process continues when the client has left and shares their opinion on social networks.

In tribute to Placido Nuñez who died in January 2021, since he was a faithful defender of Almagro and Burning, we will put a plate in his honor throughout the chain.

From the Central and with the help of friends from Almagro and Ciudad Real and from the entire Scorching Restaurant Group, we are managing together with Sandro, your son, Francis, his wife and Olga his daughter, to see if someone is encouraged to take the helm of Scorching Almagro. As soon as it is underway we will notify you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Keys to increase sales of your restaurant

Sellers of Happiness

By Julio Ramirez Camino

Moment in which we enjoy a pleasant Gastronomic experience

When we talk about room service in a restaurant, We must always bear in mind that we are going to be participants in a very important moment in the life of that client. We are going to contribute in two very important aspects:

On the one hand, we participate in their eating process through food and therefore in their health and at the same time we also participate in the satisfaction that the diner experiences when combining the enjoyment of savoring in front of a table., with the need to feed and if it is with a good company even better. The whole process will end up being a pleasant gastronomic experience if we make it develop properly

Passion and enthusiasm for work
Carlos Torres serving one of his dishes at Abrasador

From the moment the client calls us to the restaurant or when we contemplate a reservation through the electronic book, The ideal is to think how any other professional focused on the final satisfaction of the client thinks when preparing a budget that they have requested or when registering a reservation to offer any other service. These moments are part of customer service and must be governed by the main objective of achieving a happy customer. It is essential to call or write to them to confirm that everything is ready so that they can enjoy a pleasant experience at the chosen moment., as well as raise them from the beginning, our willingness to help them improve that experience in which we will be an active part.

“The kitchen is what makes you like a restaurant and the excellent service is what makes you come back”

By Carlos Torres Chef

When as professionals we discover how important interaction and contribution to the client is and that thanks to this it will be possible for the client to enjoy those happy moments in front of the table, It is when we discover that this profession is really passionate and we will no longer want to stop doing it because of how rewarding it is.

Serving customers in restaurant
Farewell moment after excellent service

Far from the perception of status that working in large offices can entail with one or another clothing that is also affected by fashions, being a waiter, meter, sommelier or room staff in a restaurant, is to be a seller of happiness, and enjoyment and at the same time take responsibility for the entire process and be able to enjoy the interaction with the client and the path that they will travel during the experience.

When you have a person in front of you and you are going to participate in making him happy during moments of his life, It is a beautiful and important mission and one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. (if it's not taking a lot of work to do it, is that you are on the right track and surely you are doing well).

Crazy and passionate about their work
A little crazy but very Passionate about our work, Scorching Convention

As I tell in our book of values, Your treasure, many people did not understand that I with 30 years, in the best of my professional life, leave my job in a bank (Rural Box), having worked in Marketing and Finance, to go waiter to a restaurant with my sisters. As well, feeding quality food and discovering that we had an extraordinary product to offer customers, I was deeply hooked and that's why I made that decision. Maybe because of the salary, due to the convenience of hours or the opinion of many people, I would have decided to stay there, and in that case, He would not have given me the opportunity to see some of my dreams come true.

“We have discovered a new Continent where Your Treasure is found. Here all the young people decide to pull the car and know how to do things well, with responsibility and commitment”

Your treasure, Julio Ramirez Camino
Back Cover Book Your Treasure
Back cover of the Book Your Treasure

Download the book by clicking here

Scorching Gastronomic Festival 2019

V national contest of cuts and Abrasador recipes