Gastronomy most prominent in the province of Málaga

Malaga province always It has been characterized as one of the most complete gastronomic regions Spain, because it offers various dishes from both sea and land. The topography of the region that holds both sea and mountain allows it to be enjoy good fish, tasty meats and vegetables fresh all year.

Include fish grilled, stews and soups and sweets. It is a seafood, fitted within the Andalusian cuisine, and therefore is influenced by all peoples of the Mediterranean. The influences of cuisines, highlights the famous Phoenicians and Romans salted fish, Arabic pastries with honey and nuts and Castilian cuisine techniques. Fresh produce provide the ability to fight high temperatures of summer.

A dish to take into account this province are the cold soups. The famous cold soups made with vegetables and seasonal fruit dishes are most popular in the summer and when the heat. While, It is true that the gazpacho is the king of the summer, although in the Malaga region it could be said to have their own competition with truncheon and ajoblanco.

Regarding hot soups, we highlight the Gazpachuelo, which it was unusual to see him eat by fishermen. It is based hot soup and fish, mayonnaise and potato.

collards Malagueña

collards Malagueña
collards Malagueña

this stew, very similar to cooked or pots that are made throughout the country has collards main ingredient, In addition to meat and vegetables. A complete the pot is added paprika and cumin rehash that leaves its stamp peculiar to this dish so wintry.

White garlic

White garlic
White garlic

traditional dish in Andalusia whose main base almond. It is said that food is the source Greek or Roman, but el-Andalus was realized something "say" like basis bread, oil, garlic and vinegar. Ajoblanco today is a cold soup which is often served accompanied by grapes. Is very typical grape accompany muscat Axarquia.

porra antequerana

porra Antequerana
porra Antequerana

Antequerana truncheon, as their same name tells us, It is a typical dish Antequera, a municipality located to the north of the province of Málaga, in the region of the same name.

Grilled sardines

Grilled sardines
Grilled sardines

Summer in the Malaga coast it would not be the same if there were no grilled sardines. Is stringing sardines on his back on a long thin rod, later you simply roast in firewood, which takes place on the beach. Name comes from the verb espetar, which means the same as ensartar. Although espetos can do with other types of fish, typical on the coast malagueño are those of sardines.

Fried anchovies

Fried anchovies
Fried anchovies

Fried anchovies are another typical dishes lands Málaga. Simply fried in abundant olive oil, they are a real delicacy. In the province of Málaga usually they fry them in bunches which are joined by the tail, and usually accompany with roasted pepper salad.

Concha Fina

Concha Fina
Concha Fina

 A variety of clam found only on the Malaga coast. Orange Color, very typical to eat iron or butternut, although usually the way you like is natural with a squeeze of lemon.

Migas Rondeñas

Rondeñas dish migas
Migas Rondeñas

In the Serrania de Ronda it is one of the areas considered best eaten in the province of Málaga, being Scorching La Carreta Ronda an idyllic restaurant to try all kinds of paltos mentioned and the highlights of Ronda as the "rondeñas crumbs" or "sardines" which are still subject to the traditional recipe, dishes are very appreciated by customers visiting Scorching La Carreta.

Sellers of Happiness

By Julio Ramirez Camino

Moment in which we enjoy a pleasant Gastronomic experience

When we talk about room service in a restaurant, We must always bear in mind that we are going to be participants in a very important moment in the life of that client. We are going to contribute in two very important aspects:

On the one hand, we participate in their eating process through food and therefore in their health and at the same time we also participate in the satisfaction that the diner experiences when combining the enjoyment of savoring in front of a table., with the need to feed and if it is with a good company even better. The whole process will end up being a pleasant gastronomic experience if we make it develop properly

Passion and enthusiasm for work
Carlos Torres serving one of his dishes at Abrasador

From the moment the client calls us to the restaurant or when we contemplate a reservation through the electronic book, The ideal is to think how any other professional focused on the final satisfaction of the client thinks when preparing a budget that they have requested or when registering a reservation to offer any other service. These moments are part of customer service and must be governed by the main objective of achieving a happy customer. It is essential to call or write to them to confirm that everything is ready so that they can enjoy a pleasant experience at the chosen moment., as well as raise them from the beginning, our willingness to help them improve that experience in which we will be an active part.

“The kitchen is what makes you like a restaurant and the excellent service is what makes you come back”

By Carlos Torres Chef

When as professionals we discover how important interaction and contribution to the client is and that thanks to this it will be possible for the client to enjoy those happy moments in front of the table, It is when we discover that this profession is really passionate and we will no longer want to stop doing it because of how rewarding it is.

Serving customers in restaurant
Farewell moment after excellent service

Far from the perception of status that working in large offices can entail with one or another clothing that is also affected by fashions, being a waiter, meter, sommelier or room staff in a restaurant, is to be a seller of happiness, and enjoyment and at the same time take responsibility for the entire process and be able to enjoy the interaction with the client and the path that they will travel during the experience.

When you have a person in front of you and you are going to participate in making him happy during moments of his life, It is a beautiful and important mission and one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. (if it's not taking a lot of work to do it, is that you are on the right track and surely you are doing well).

Crazy and passionate about their work
A little crazy but very Passionate about our work, Scorching Convention

As I tell in our book of values, Your treasure, many people did not understand that I with 30 years, in the best of my professional life, leave my job in a bank (Rural Box), having worked in Marketing and Finance, to go waiter to a restaurant with my sisters. As well, feeding quality food and discovering that we had an extraordinary product to offer customers, I was deeply hooked and that's why I made that decision. Maybe because of the salary, due to the convenience of hours or the opinion of many people, I would have decided to stay there, and in that case, He would not have given me the opportunity to see some of my dreams come true.

“We have discovered a new Continent where Your Treasure is found. Here all the young people decide to pull the car and know how to do things well, with responsibility and commitment”

Your treasure, Julio Ramirez Camino
Back Cover Book Your Treasure
Back cover of the Book Your Treasure

Download the book by clicking here

Valentine menu in Niagara's Scorching and restaurant Morote


Rosemary bread
Orza of veal with pistachio mayonnaise
Asparagus buds with salmon
Baby broad beans with candied onion and foie micuit
Grilled national squid
Aphrodisiac salad


Monkfish puff pastry with green foam

Yearling rib at low temperature


Crazy Love


Price per couple: 70 €

Scorching magical dinner in cinnamon and lemon

Dinner with magic show at the Scorching Canela y Limón Restaurant

The 25 In January a magical evening awaits you at Scorching Canela y Limón, the show has several magicians such as: Julianini, Martilda, Raul Alegria, Luis Olmedo, Pepin Banzo and Lautaro.

Come and enjoy our menu, maybe you will discover the magic flavor of our dishes:



Beef tataki with pistachio praline
Squid croquettes in their ink


Low temperature cod with ali-oli, honey and wakame seaweed

Grilled curry honey medallion of veal


Cookie and caramel cake




Dinner menu for Valentine's Day

With live dance hand the group “Maestronis”

On Saturday 15 Feber waited on the restaurant Scorching Sancho's saddlebag in Campo de Criptana, we encourage you to spend a nice evening with us, the spectacle of the group “Maestronis” and with the support of our menu made with love for this beautiful day.

Keep an eye on the menu, we assure you fall in love with him:


Iberian ham with cheese rosemary
Iberian ham Galician
House salad with teriyaki sauce lardones


Calf entrecote grilled

Iberian pork grilled

Boneless leg kid fried with garlic

Sea bass with baking oven


Sweet night of passion