Learn about the history of the Cathedral of Cuenca

Cuenca Cathedral is one of the most particular buildings of the Spanish Middle Ages and much has been written about it to explain its presence in these lands Castilla y La Mancha. Cuenca was conquered by Alfonso VIII of Castile in the year 1177. Then, the Mosque was Christianized as usual until the works of an ex-novo temple of Christian typology could be undertaken. It is studied that this must have happened between ten or twenty years later. In 1208 The High Altar had been consecrated so the head must have been completely built by that date.

Interior of the Cathedral of Cuenca

Interior of the Cathedral of Cuenca

The fact is that it is a building that, except for peculiarities and simplifications, can be included in the category of First French Gothic, that is to say, belonging to that current of the twelfth century prior to classical Gothic and which has its best exponents in French cathedrals such as Laon, Soissons and Paris. At the time of starting to build the cathedral, the prevailing style in the Christian kingdoms was still Romanesque, So it should not surprise us that it was the foreigners of the court of King Alfonso VIII who introduced the Gothic airs in our cathedral, since this was the new order prevailing in Europe beyond the Pyrenees.

Exterior of the Cathedral

Exterior of the Cathedral

The Cathedral was consecrated by Saint Julian, second bishop of Cuenca, in the year 1196 when it was still in its infancy. The Cathedral was started by Gallic stonemasons between the years 1182 Y 1189 (siglo XII) continuing the works throughout the 13th century. The Cathedral was certainly built on the old Arab mosque of the city.

Main Square, next to the Cathedral of Cuenca

Main Square, next to the Cathedral of Cuenca

It is considered as the first Gothic cathedral made in Castilla, being definitively consecrated under the invocation of Santa María in the year 1208 por el obispo Rodrigo Ximénez de Rada. However, the construction of the cathedral begins in late Romanic, so it is natural that we find Romanesque cathedral resistance against the Gothic news of the moment. The initial plan of the cathedral consisted of three ships; at the height of the cruise it was transformed into five ships and five apses still forming, following the traces of the ruling Romanesque.

In the fifteenth century the five apses were replaced by a double girola to take advantage of the development of the five ships available to the cathedral. Its new plant would be formed by a Latin cross, three ships, double ambulatory and a deep chancel. The cruise is covered by a large central dome influence anglonormanda.

The chapels of the aisles were built mostly in the XVI century in Gothic style. Its exterior was renovated almost entirely in the sixteenth century and in the seventeenth century was built the chapel of the Tabernacle. During the eighteenth century it was reformed both the façade and towers, giving the building a Baroque appearance. This reform affected the main facade was built by King Ferdinand III and had two twin Gothic towers. The towers of the facade along with two other towers cathedral had disappeared during a fire, what gave rise to new reform, who it was born in the year 1720 by Juan Perez and newly reconstructed in 1723 under the direction of Luis Arteaga.

In the twentieth century as a result of damage to the facade, a sinking tower bells in 1902 by lightning strikes, He proceeded to its reconstruction in the year 1910, what is your current appearance, Neo-Gothic style facade work of Vicente Lampérez. Su aspecto actual confirma que la misma quedó sin terminar. En la parte más alta encontramos una imagen de San Julián que curiosamente es la única imagen que existe en toda la fachada.

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Typical dishes of Cuenca

The city of Cuenca has always been known for its hanging houses, its wealth of historical buildings and its good gastronomy. The typical dishes of Cuenca cuisine are many, but there are some that you should try if you are from Cuenca or are coming to visit it for the first time. It should be noted that Cuenca's stoves have always been based on old recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the aromas and flavors of yesteryear.. Then, We mention the most outstanding dishes that you cannot miss when visiting Cuenca.



Morteruelo, on the right the image

Undoubtedly one of the best known and valued in Cuenca with a lot of tradition. It is a pasta made mainly with pork liver, spices and breadcrumbs, to which other meat ingredients are usually added, I eat chicken, rabbit or pork loin, as well as poultry or any meat derived from small game.


Zarajos, on the left of the image

Zarajos, on the left of the image

It is based on the intestines of suckling lamb, what, after being marinated, they are wound on a vine to, next, be fried in olive oil, although they can also be roasted in the oven or grilled.

Crumbs with egg

Crumbs with egg

Crumbs with egg

Egg crumbs are a very popular and appreciated dish in Cuenca gastronomy., whose basic ingredients are dry bread, eggs, garlic, olive oil, salt and water.




Ajoarriero is a pasta or pate made with cod, potatoes, it, breadcrumbs and oil. You can add, optionally, boiled egg and parsley for garnish. It is a typical dish from cold regions, as can be seen in its ingredients, nothing complicated to acquire in these areas. It is common to taste it in winter, but it can be eaten with pleasure at any time of the year, especially as an aperitif or first course.

He resolved

He resolved

He resolved

All food in Cuenca must end with this liquor of Muslim origin that was originally only consumed at Easter but is now found throughout the year. Based on coffee cream, cognac and anise. They claim that it has digestive virtues, That is why it is the best option to end a true lunch or dinner representative of the gastronomy of Cuenca..

Definitely, Eating in Cuenca and its surroundings is a sensational and unique experience. Unbeatable option to taste the best gastronomy of Cuenca is to visit the Scorching restaurant The Secret of the Cathedral, both for its quality of service and for its perfect location in front of the beautiful Cathedral of Cuenca.

Scorching Terrace The Secret of the Cathedral


Get to know the most beautiful towns in Cuenca

Routes to visit some of the most beautiful towns in the province of Cuenca

Castilla-La Mancha has always been the land of a rich historical heritage, artistic and cultural for its variety of historical monuments and its many treasures in its valleys and in its legacy with history. Cuenca brings together notable charming towns in which we will take a good tour of the most prominent municipalities through their valleys, windmills and castles.

In addition to Cuenca and its famous hanging houses, the province offers a wide range of postcards and towns where the history-tradition binomial merge to create a combination of unique images and sensations that will put a turning point in the visit to this beautiful province.

Alarcón, a medieval village

Alarcón, one of the jewels of the province of Cuenca

Alarcón, one of the jewels of the province of Cuenca

Undoubtedly one of the great tourist attractions when visiting Cuenca for its beauty in the natural environment and its high-quality monumental complex. With a location in the south of the province of Cuenca, belongs to the region of La Manchuela. This municipality surrounded by the Júcar is one of the ideal destinations to take a bath in its natural pools. At the top of the municipality is the castle, A 16th-century construction with a walled enclosure that has been preserved in perfect condition over the centuries. At present it has become a National Parador.

San Clemente, a look at the Renaissance

San Clemente main square

San Clemente main square

This town contains several buildings of a Renaissance character, difficult to find in other places in the region.. This fact is that San Clemente has become a tourist attraction for its Renaissance-style buildings in the historic center of San Clemente, to the point of having been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. The greatest architectural treasure of the town is the City Hall building, magnificent display of the Renaissance style.

Raven Speck, the Manchego treasure

The wind mills, an icon of Castilla-La Mancha

The wind mills, an icon of Castilla-La Mancha

This town can boast of hoarding up to 7 windmills, unique reason to visit it and contemplate the most beautiful La Mancha landscapes in the community. The privileged visits to the highest part of the municipality are called the "Balcón de la Mancha. It is almost 110 kilometers from the capital, south of the province.


Panoramic view of Priego

Panoramic view of Priego

Priego treasures numerous architectural styles in his locality and presents an enviable architectural wealth. Highlights Palace of the Counts of Renaissance style, the Torreón de Despeñaperros and the Gothic church of San Nicolás de Bari, in addition to some more macabre like the House of the Inquisition.

Good day, the route of the faces

The route of faces

The route of faces

There are many reasons to visit Buendía from its Plaza Mayor, its car museum or take a dip in its swamp. But if there is something that has made it famous in recent years, it is because of its curious route of faces carved in the stones., that run near the Buendía reservoir.

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Scorching Finca restaurant lounge Embid

Scorching room Finca Embid




Discover the natural pools of Cuenca

With the arrival of summer it is common to cool off with a good swim on the beach or in the pool. But nevertheless, Non-coastal provinces such as Cuenca have other means to cool off either in natural pools, rivers or ponds. In fact, In the province of Cuenca there are numerous natural pools of great beauty where you can cool off and also enjoy a great day with family or friends to eat or have a snack.

The common denominator of these natural pools and rivers in the province of Cuenca are their great natural wealth and crystal clear waters.. They are places where you can bathe in a relaxed way and that do not have the handicap of the waves and also treasure a cool water temperature. Then, we highlight the natural pools, Cuenca's most outstanding rivers and reservoirs.

The Chorreras of the Cabriel river, that of Enguídanos

Less than 100 less than 100 kilometers from Cuenca is the town of Enguídanos. This town is fortunate to have the Chorreras of the Cabriel or Enguídanos river, a spectacular succession of sickles, pools, waterfalls, rapids and calm waters ideal for swimming.

The Chorreras of the Cabriel river, that of Enguídanos
The Chorreras of the Cabriel river, that of Enguídanos

It has an enabled parking, Although you will have to get up early to park as it is very popular in the summer time. The hiking route to the main natural pools of Cabriel is also interesting..

Cuervo River

This river that runs through the municipality of Santa María del Val is characterized by its abundant vegetation.  This river is born and dies in the same province of Cuenca and treasures a great vegetation along its 45 km of journey, giving us beauty and perfect areas to cool off in summer.

Source of the Cuervo river

Although the most visited area is the source of the Cuervo River and its beautiful waterfalls, there are other remarkable areas with elements of great relevance and beauty, like the Raven's Corner.

Pozas de Palomera

Pozas de Palomera

The pools of Palomera are formed by the Huécar River and serve as a place of refreshment and enjoyment for the people of Palomera, solo 3 km from town. A true paradise of incredibly crystal clear waters, up to which it is not only advisable to come during the summer to enjoy a pleasant bath, but also in spring, since this is when the river carries more water.

Beach ”of Cañamares

Cañamares is a Cuenca town of great beauty, which is located in the natural limit between the Alcarria and the Sierra de Cuenca. This is where the Cañamares beach is located, in a town that can boast of having truly incredible landscapes and a tranquility that invites the traveler to rest.

Beach ”of Cañamares

One of the most famous charms is the Escabas river that runs through it completely and is framed by the Fuertescusa and Priego gorges.. The liquid element has created a pool of water at the height of Cañamares creating a fabulous indoor beach suitable for the whole family

Tobar Lagoon

Tobar Lagoon

In the middle of the Serranía Alta de Cuenca, we find the El Tobar lagoon, an immense space in which to enjoy with the five senses of nature in all its expression. Water, flora and fauna go hand in hand in a landscape that could well inspire the content of a painting or the image of a photograph to remember. A bathing area located in the Sierra de Cuenca, in which peace and quiet are the great hosts.

El Chantre Recreational Area

The El Chantre Recreational Area is a bathing area that is also very frequented by the inhabitants of the provincial capital, the city of Cuenca, which is not surprising if we take into account the beauty of the place. It is a stretch of the Júcar river in which we find various ideal spots for swimming, and that is located in a wide esplanade, converted into a recreational area. further, The pool stairs area has been equipped to facilitate bathing.

The Buendía reservoir

Buendía Reservoir

It is located between the provinces of Cuenca and Guadalajara. Also known as "Mares de Castilla", It is one of the most beautiful areas of Cuenca to enjoy a bath this summer. In addition to bathing in its calm and clean waters, you can enjoy water activities and even fish due to its abundant amount of fish. Its surroundings invite us to take pleasant walks and enjoy the Buendía reservoir from many interesting points, as the well-known Route of the Faces.

Cortados de Villalba

Cortados Villalba

They are known as Cortados de Villalba, located in front of another well-known place, the Devil's Window, a natural viewpoint from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the region. It is a canyon through which the crystalline waters of the Júcar River run between high rocky and vertical walls, forming rapids and jumps and creating a wonderful and bucolic scene.

Among all these natural pools and refreshing rivers we find a magnificent restaurant where to eat, Abrasador Finca Embid Restaurant, specialist in grilled meat and local cuisine. further, This restaurant is located inside a campsite where you can stay to make routes in the natural pools and visit them all for several days.

Grilled meat restaurant next to Cuenca Cathedral

It's about The Secret of the Cathedral, in Cuenca, a restaurant with a long history in the city, run by Sisters Azucena and Luisa López, who has recently joined the Scorching brand. In this way, incorporates to its gastronomic offer the grilled meat of yearling veal and own-aged Iberian pig, offering avant-garde cuisine and grill from Monday to Sunday.

The Secret of the Cathedral, located next to the Cathedral of Cuenca, It is owned by the López sisters and they have returned to update themselves and surprise with this new proposal, opening new gastronomic experiences in the cultural heart of the city. Julio Ramirez, founding partner of Scorching, explained during the inauguration ceremony of this new Scorching partner in the city, what this union means: "It is a restaurant specializing in grilled meats, to which we have combined their typical local dishes with recipes of grilled meats from their own aging ".

Scorching meat grill

Meanwhile, the López sisters also explained to those attending the inauguration what it means to them: "We finally have the new menu, without forgetting the group's digital platform, so important in this time of Covid-19, a renewed space, Y, especially, eager to continue working and giving the best possible service to enjoy the new dishes, in an unbeatable environment ", Almudena and Luisa López added, partners and owners of the establishment.

Scorching salad

This business update means healthy and quality recipes for the people of Cuenca, from the hand of chef Luisa López, member of the European Association of Chefs, Eurotoques and chef of this restaurant.

Like any restaurant that wants to associate with the Scorching brand, for a little over six months they were meat customers, to go on to learn recipes and dishes from the menu, as well as the know-how in Scorching embers. Once the two parties meet, decide to move forward and partner, just as it happened with The Secret of the Cathedral.

Prior to the inauguration, both Carlos Torres (brand consultant chef), as Julio Ramírez (founding partner of Scorching), They were offering kitchen advice, room and management.

Carlos Torres Chef advising
Carlos Torres, Scorching advisor chef during training

During the inauguration, Carlos Torres, chef advisor to our group, He explained and made the most innovative recipes and dishes on the Scorching menu so that attendees could learn about the new gastronomic offer that Restaurane Scorching El Secreto de la Catedral will offer.

Act of presentation of the new association of The Secret of the Cathedral to Scorching
Act of presentation of the new association of The Secret of the Cathedral to Scorching

With this restaurant in town, there are already two restaurants in Cuenca and 13 in Castilla-La Mancha. With this new addition of El Secreto de la Catedral to the Scorching chain, it represents the 39 restaurant in Spain, being a benchmark in grilled meat, both yearling veal and Iberian pork with exhaustive control of the entire process.

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Best hiking trails in Cuenca

Hiking has become a very healthy sport and more and more deeply rooted among the population. In the city of Cuenca, specifically, through him enormous room, joined that holds the title as City Heritage if monumental wealth, It has become a location with plenty of choice.

Its historic center in the Serrania de Cuenca, the hanged houses, and Huécar rivers like the Júcar, and cobbled streets are exquisite ingredients for all hikers who want to escape from stress. Here are some of the most beautiful routes in the city of Cuenca.

Cuenca route of the Júcar Hoz and San Julian the Quiet Path

this route, with 8 km route, starts in the area called Recess of the pear. would place, a little later in the concourse area called Beach, by the river there is a larger parking. We crossed a bridge over the river Júcar, walking along its left bank. We see an information panel of the ways we can make. We began to climb an urban area, through the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows.

A little later, we have a crossroads. To our right up the Sendero Local SL CU 10 up to the old part of the city. In turn coincides with the GR 66 Long Distance Path. On the descent of the river to have built a staircase, which help a lot to bridge the gap. We are on a good path, we come a little on the edge of the river Júcar.

Waterfall Grajas

We arrived at the waterfall area of ​​Grajas, where we see a kayaking school. We crossed a small bridge to the other side. At the other side we expect Cascades Grajas.

We walk a little way down the pedestrian walkway, until we find the turnoff to the Ermita de San Julian Tranquilo. We cross the road by a zebra crossing and began to climb the small ledge that separates us from it. Along the way we find two viewpoints beautiful. The first San Mesles and a little above that of San Julián.

One of the viewpoints of the path where the whole city is contemplated

We passed spectacular viewpoints. We see the bottom of the valley the place where we started this beautiful walk. Now it go down slowly until you reach the point where we start the route.

One of the images on this route

Sickles path of Cuenca

This local trail, with the SL-CU 11 and GR 66, It is part of the network of marked hiking paths around the historic town of Cuenca. This network of trails intertwines in various places. He SL-CU 10 runs next to the historic center of the city located on a limestone spur carved by rivers Júcar and Huécar. The tour takes place on streets, paths and roads.

The starting point is from the Puerta de Valencia by the Huécar Walk to the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca. After we crossed the bridge and began the climb under the hanging houses. At the height of the bridge of San Pablo did a couple of forced detours: first to the left to visit the hanging houses and then to the right to see, after crossing the bridge over the river Huécar, the Parador.

C:\Users  User  Desktop  eric  homes colgadas.jpg
Hanging Houses of Cuenca

After the relevant visits continue the journey along a path by the side of the Hoz de Huécar river which reach the neighborhood of the castle. From there we can make a stop at a lookout from which you get stunning views of the parador, the sickle of the river, the hanged houses.

The route continues towards the wall and, near the Arc de Bezudo, cross the street to begin to descend toward the river Júcar, before passing near the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows. At the height of the chapel, If we look at the opposite mountain, we will see “the eyes of Mora”.

Arch Bezudo

At the level of the river, in the recess Peral, We can peek at the Júcar from the bridge that crosses the other path Local (11). We continue along the shore for a nice walk wood installed on the rock wall on the waters of the Júcar. Later we arrive to the board of rivers, the confluence of the Huécar and Júcar, we will cross to trace next to the Huécar the park and the street Tintes to Puerta de Valencia.

An interesting encounter for the routes is Restaurante Finca Embid for good recharge during breakfast and start different hiking trails found in Cuenca and surroundings or at the end of one of them with a meal to regain strength after a long tour route. This restaurant specializes in meat Anoja own breeding beef and pork bait Iberian countryside and is located within a camping, treasuring a spacious living room and terrace to enjoy fine weather stations.

Scorching breaks

Charming places where you can find our grilled meats

Alcala de Henares, Madrid

This city located in the Cuenca del Henares, It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1998. World Heritage is the historic site of Alcalá, developed from the Middle Ages, and in which a Jew, Muslim and Christian lived in tolerance. So is the University, founded by Cisneros 1499.

Atesora unique archaeological sites, an excellent medieval urban fabric  and especially the perfect City of Knowledge and City of God, who designed by the hand of Cardinal Cisneros, Today we can enjoy a unique set magnificent buildings of Renaissance and Baroque.

Alcala found the restaurant Scorching Casa Benito, perfect place to enjoy a good grilled meat, made in their coal furnaces, which makes the enjoyment is complete.

University of Alcala de Henares

Almagro, Real city

The discovery 1954 the Comedy Corral was the starting point our festival. Almagro and complemented its impressive architectural heritage Building a Baroque, which they took place in the plays in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and is, day by day, the best preserved of all the Spanish Golden Age.

It should highlight its beautiful Plaza Mayor always with a cheerful atmosphere and its arcades full of local shops where you can buy something as typical, craft as tablecloths made of bobbin lace, wicker chairs or Almagro famous eggplant.

The restaurant is located Scorching Almagro, a charming place, perfect place to enjoy the best grilled meats and Iberian pork beef, Come and enjoy this grill.

Comedy Corral de Almagro near Scorching
Representation Comedy Corral de Almagro

Tordesillas, Valladolid

Here do not ask Juana la Loca. For the inhabitants of Tordesillas, the queen will I always Juana. Our ancestors lived with her and handed us I was not crazy not broken deeply in love and grief over the death of her husband. Here he lived almost 50 first years he imprisoned his father, Ferdinand, and then your child, Carlos I.

Come and experience the exciting and sad story of the Queen could not reign but never abdicated his title, All the more reason to believe that he was always rope.

It would be a shame to spend a great day in Tordesillas and not enjoy your food, Scorching Restaurant in Astral you can enjoy the best grilled meats, I fell in love the taste of grilled meat.

Representation in Tordesillas

Béjar, Salamanca

From Vetones, the first settlers in the 400 a.c., then the Romans, and later it will be a Muslim city that would last 500 years, again in the twelfth century fall into Christian hands, according to legend, by a revolt of Christians who gathered on Mount their clothes and weapons are coated with moss giving the appearance of monsters, thus allowing them reconquer the city. Today you can see them represented "Men of Moss" in the procession of Corpus Christi. Since then Muslims coexisted for centuries, Jews and Christians.

From the city we have 3 km the hamlet of "El Castañar" where in the middle of a forest of oaks and chestnuts the shrine of Our Lady of El Castañar is. And very near the Sanctuary, the bullring of Bejar is located, the oldest in the world, since 1711.

Bejar also features the ski resort of La Covatilla, a perfect place for those who love snow sports, which makes this city a great place to visit also in winter.

Abrasador A Armando Restaurant is located on the square, a perfect grill to enjoy the best grilled meats accompanied by the history of this great place.

Plaza de Bejar

El Campello, Alicante

Their 23 km of coastline, the largest of the province of Alicante, They are an oasis for the senses. In this long shore, you'll find, golden beaches such as Muchavista and Carrerlamar give way to gentle coves that appear after Illeta: from Morro Blanc, to the Carritxal. Beaches and coves, All of them, suitable for water sports, they have earned the distinction of blue flags, and the ISO 14.001 for the quality of its waters, services and infrastructure.

The Muchavista Beach is a magnificent beach with an extension of 3300 meters and 80 meters wide, ideal for enjoying bath, sun and water sports such as windsurfing, Besides having an ideal place for walking or running walk through its more of 3 km. Notably in the northwest corner of the racó Zofra where forms a beautiful place where we find small boats resting on the shore.

And for eat? For lunch we find the restaurant Scorching Graná, their views of the beach and the quality of its grilled meats, They make taste the beef and Iberian pork are incredible.

Playa El Campello

Campo de Criptana, Real city

Criptana field is believed to have been in the Sierra Mills where Cervantes was inspired to tell the most famous adventure of world literature, Donde Quixote against "Los Gigantes". Among the set of mills are located in the Sierra, are the only three mills in the Iberian Peninsula that retain the original structure and machinery of the XVI century, suitable for grinding grain as years back. You can also visit the cave houses that are on the slopes of the Sierra de los Molinos.

Adjacent the mills is the suburb of Albaicin, manchego archetype neighborhood, Arab house with tile and painted white and indigo.

A place of "story" could not miss a decent place to eat legend. Scorching in the saddlebag of Sancho restaurant you can enjoy the best grilled meats place.

Mills Field Criptana

Bérchules, Granada

of Moorish origin, namely the eighth century. Berchules is located 1330 meters above sea level, It is the third highest village Spain. Because of its geography, especially mountainous, this alpujarreño people It has been adapted to uneven, why their houses are staggered and facing south, to take advantage of the good weather mediterranean. Streets, and winding layout cobblestone, invite you to walk, breathe, calm and tranquility.

In Scorching Restaurante El Cercado, They will make you know and enjoy a good steak, tasting its Iberian pork and beef.

Village of Berchules

Two sisters, Sevilla

Located on the Guadalquivir river depression, we find this beautiful town, on which we want to emphasize one of its fairs, declared of national interest. We talk about the fair that takes place in May.

Its onset is marked by what he called the dinner "fish", Wednesday night event that takes place before the famous lighting fair, and where attendees tend to show off their finery.

This act is only reserved for members of each house as a twinning, welcome to the show a year. Even though, noteworthy, the fair Dos Hermanas is distinguished precisely by being open character in its hundred booths, and with streets of Albero, more of 40 attractions and stalls 80 horse hitches.

Daily free performances by musical artists of national reputation enjoyed in the Municipal Caseta and, during the weekend, prizes are also awarded to the best booth, best horsewoman and caballista, etc.

also excel in Dos Hermanas other parties like the Pilgrimage of Valme and Easter, both also declared of national tourist interest.

And to finish with a flourish a visit to this beautiful city Sevillana, it is essential to enjoy a good grilled meat at the Restaurante Casa Pedro Abrasador, reference from 1979 in offering a typical cuisine and extensive land.

Fair Dos Hermanas

Carcabuey, Córdoba

This celebration takes place on Easter Sunday, If we had to highlight something she would pregón, since it is ironic satirical proclamation of the events in Carcabuey that are what make modern life in the village.

The name of the festival comes from an ancient brotherhood, that the days of Lent were fasting and penance, so from Easter Sunday organized large parties that could last even three days, this is what we now call the Passover of the Moraos, since they wore purple robe.

Notably, the feast of the Aurora, with the election of the queen of the festivities and traditional bull rope during the day 22, 23, 24 Y 25 August and the celebrations of the patron, the Virgen del Castillo, with lunch and popular verbena and the traditional release of heifers through the streets of the village day 6, 7 Y 8 of September.

With all the activities proposed Carcabuey we have to regain strength, the best way is to visit the Scorching Restaurante La Ronda and enjoy one of the best grilled meats.

One of the most concerning historical monuments of the Sierra subbética
Medieval Castle Carcabuey


At nightfall, the city is transformed. Toledo artistic lighting to discover details impossible to see in daylight, while it is representing a strong and firm commitment to the city with sustainability, respect for the environment and energy saving. such iconic buildings as the Cathedral, City Hall, the door hinge or the Castile-La Mancha (XVII century former convent) show its beauty and splendor centenary.

The panoramic view of the city from the area “Valley” It gives the visitor an unforgettable memory of Toledo.

In the cradle of Abrasador, We find two restaurant to enjoy the best Iberian pork and beef, one located on Avenida Europe and one in the street Tendillas, Located in the historic center of Toledo. Enjoy this magnificent city full.

Toledo becomes night
spectacular view at night in Toledo City

Elche, Alicante

Would highlight two holidays, such as the Moors and Christians and the Mystery of Elche. It is also very visited the vast palm grove, with more than two hundred thousand copies becomes the largest in Europe, which together with the care of ilicitanos, He has managed to be declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The holiday Moor and Christian born as a commemoration to a stage of Muslim power in the Iberian Peninsula and battles alternated power Muslim-Christian. This event takes place opposite the Palace of Altamira and consists of a theatrical performance with several parts that perfectly represent all this historical stage.

The mystery of Elche is a theatrical performance, held in the Basilica of Santa Maria, in which disclosed death, Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin Mary. This work is unique in its genre, since it is the only one preserved until today, Surviving ban Concillo of Trento to represent works in the church and its scenic and musical values.

If we delve a little we found the Scorching Restaurante El Raco de Mama Lola, a perfect grill to enjoy one of the best Iberian pork and beef.

Representation of the work “Mystery of Elche”

Casillas, Murcia

Declared of national tourist interest, It is a complete representation of huertanas traditions linked to the history of the city.

We can highlight the Bando de la Huerta, an explosion of color and joy with their parades of giants and big heads, floats and dancers and marching bands, in this typical work and elements shown Murcia orchard.

Burial of the Sardine, party dating from the nineteenth century, which it is basically a parody of a burial of a sardine, a step for the people. This festival was born as a complaint with the prohibition against eating meat during Lent and burial symbolizes the passage to a period of freedom, where you could do all that was normally prohibited.

But to eat, better than visit the restaurant Scorching Canovas to enjoy the best roast Murcia, enjoy your meat, you will leave happy.

Old Bridge or Miracles in Murcia is the first bridge built in its history

Canet de Mar, Barcelona

With great weather, beach zones over 2 km and all the forests surrounding the town, is Canet de Mar, a modernist place on the coast.

It notes that in this population lived architect, Teacher, cartoonist, political and humanist Lluis Domenech i Montaner, which he gave life to such important works as the Palau de la Musica Catalana and the Palau de Sant Pau and Santa Creu. It is a perfect place to enjoy its architecture.

We can not forget the Castillo de Santa Florentina, dating from the eleventh century and in the sixteenth century joined the lineage “Montaner” It is restored in the late nineteenth century by Luis Domenech i Montaner.

And for modernism, Scorching restaurant dishes La Graella, It is a perfect place to enjoy grilled meat offering Abrasador.

Castillo de Santa Florentina in Canet de Mar

Güejar-Sierra, Granada

High tops, springs, archaeological sites and monuments together with history and traditions to make this place a charming site.

It holds the peaks of Veleta and Mulhacén, Also note that one can see beautiful places following “The sidewalk star”, from this route we can see the “Rope tresmiles” which they are the highest peaks of Granada, peak Alcazaba, Mulhacen, an old mining and to complete the way we enter the secret cave, which it is an artificial cave made on a large rock.

Also the restaurant we present Scorching Las Lomas, wonderful place to enjoy magnificent views while enjoying the Iberian pork and beef grilled.

View from the restaurant terrace Scorching Las Lomas in the Sierra Guejar
View from the restaurant terrace Scorching Las Lomas in the Sierra Guejar

Ronda, Málaga

The history, the legend of highwaymen, where bullfighters and artists are forged…Ronda make an amazing place.

You can enjoy the Arab medina still retains some of its walls, cross the new bridge and walk around the mall Tajo. It covers part of the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema. These parks are home to a large wildlife, even with some details that make them unique, as it is the pinsapoo and mountain quejigo.

It also features a theme park dedicated to Mediterranean pasture breeding bull and Andalusian horse.

In a place he could not miss a good place to eat grilled meat, this is found in the Scorching La Carreta Restaurant, Enjoy this perfect grill.

Another perspective of the New Bridge Round
Another perspective of the New Bridge Round

Tembleque, Toledo

Muela Castle began to be built in the tenth century in the splendor of the Caliphate of Córdoba, It is finished in the thirteenth century by the Knights of the Knights Hospitaller. Today you can visit in one building the remains of three different castles.

This castle was transferred in the year 1183 knights by Alfonso VII, After the fort was lost several times between Christians and Muslims to lie with the Kingdom of Castile.

In this great place we found the Scorching Restaurante La fireplace Turleque, great place to enjoy the best grilled meats.

Plaza Mayor Tembleque
Plaza Mayor Tembleque

Costa Tropical of Granada, Carchuna

This small coastal town is La Costa Tropical Granada, located between the Costa del Sol of Malaga and the Costa de Almería, perfect to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that offers this beach and lets us know close places and charming towns:

A few minutes from Carchuna, you can not miss the cliff Calahonda.

Granada, Nazari City only 60 minutes Scorching Don Cactus Restaurant, you can visit the Alhambra, know every corner as the Generalife, Cathedral,... and lose yourself in the streets of the Albaicín.

Sierra Nevada, in less than an hour you can change the towel by skis, and enjoy the mountain's altitude of the Iberian Peninsula.

La Alpujarra, Poqueira Gorge, Pampaneira, Bubión, Capileira, Fuente Agria, Board of Rivers, Trevélez, are some of the towns that compose.
Ideal to learn the customs of yesteryear Grenadine saw and lose yourself in the trails enjoying nature.

Salobreña, The main population center is nestled in a rock topped by a Moorish castle.

Almuñécar, worth visiting tropical bird park, Park Majuelo Botanical Garden, old town, etc.

And lunchtime arrival, we want to know the best grilled meats hand Scorching Don Cactus Restaurant, where you will enjoy the best grill area.

Playa Tropical Coast Granada

Navaconcejo, Cáceres

Located in the Valle del Jerte, we find the town of Navaconcejo, a place surrounded by nature, precious nooks and crannies where you can lose.

Formerly it was also composed of people of Peñahorcada, but a rise of Rio Jerte destroyed the town and the inhabitants moved to Navaconcejo. We can visit several gorges and several natural areas, among them we can highlight the throat of hell and throat of Nogaleas.

We navaconcejo have to eat at the restaurant Scorching Rio Jerte, wonderful place to enjoy grilled meat while relaxing with nature.

Gorge of Hell

Villaviciosa, Madrid

In this suburb we can enjoy a myriad of leisure and culture.

We can find for sightseeing Castle Villaviciosa, its construction dates from the fifteenth century by the counts of chinchón, was downing 1521 and in 1538 He turned rebuild changing one of the towers and making it different from the others. Can visit, but in order group subscriptions.

We can also enjoy large parks such as the regional park Soto and the middle course of the Guadarrama river and its surroundings, perfect places to walk around and have a good time.

Here we find the restaurant Scorching Rainbow, Wonderful place to eat a good steak grilled Iberian pork and beef.

Castle Villaviciosa

Ruidera, Ossa de Montiel, Albacete

We arrived at the lagoons of Ruidera, the turquoise paradise, a place where you fall in love instantly see, a place you always want to return.

It has several waterfalls, many gaps, Rochafrida apart Castle and reservoir Peñarroya Castle and the Cave of Montesinos. This great place has many activities that make a day in the lagoons of Ruidera is something great and fun.

Within this great place we found the restaurant Scorching Los Batanes, to complete this great experience it is best to enjoy a good grilled meat in this lovely Abrasador.

One of the most famous lakes in Castilla La Mancha
Ruidera, the great attraction of this natural paradise

Torrelodones, Madrid

Come up with this perfect place for leisure, filled with sites which enjoy a very good day it becomes very easy.

Torrelodones is part of two major tourist routes, the imperial route and castles. Among all the services and activities offered at this place, Casino Gran Madrid stands, build in 1981.

We can also see the Atalaya Castle Torrelodones, Dating back to being the IX and XI centuries. It is one of the best preserved Muslim watchtowers time

In this great place we can enjoy a good steak, Scorching Zeppelin Restaurant, perfect place to eat a good grilled meat.

Atalaya de Torrelodones
Atalaya de Torrelodones

Navajas, Castellón

His good demographic situation, climate that offers its ancient villas and beautiful gardens filled, make Navajas receive tourists from the eighteenth century, which it is not surprising given the charm of this small town in the region of Alto Palancia Castellonense.

We can highlight the Parish Church Virgen de la Luz, built in the eighteenth century dedicated to Immaculate Conception and has a nice dressing room dedicated to the Virgen de la Luz, patron of the place. Tower of Altomira, 5 building plants ending with battlements that make the shape of a crown.

If we refer to nature, We can not leave without visiting the famous Olmo, a tree planted in 1636 with 14 meters high or jumping bride, a wonderful place located in the Palancia river where the waterfall is also Armband, a waterfall of 60 meters high.

This beautiful Torre takes its name Scorching Restaurant Altomira, a perfect grill to enjoy a wonderful grilled meat Navajas.

Tower of Altomira in Navajas population Castellonense

Villacañas, Toledo

Our next stop is Villacañas, a place with a lot of architectural interest, which can not miss if we are in this beautiful place.

It has several hermitages, each more interesting, we can highlight the chapel of Christ the eighteenth century in neoclassical style, the hermitage of San Roque built in 1835 in style of folk architecture and the hermitage of the virgin conception dating from the sixteenth century, with a popular style.

It should also enhance the ethnographic museum silo, a house dug into the ground, due to lack of financial resources in the eighteenth century, this property emerges, dug by hand by a journeyman, which only needed a peak, a shovel and lime to build a place to live.

In this pretty village, Scorching we find the Restaurante El Capricho de los Torres, a wonderful place to enjoy a great grilled meat.

panoramic view of the town of Villacañas
panoramic view of the town of Villacañas

Villarrubia de los Ojos, Real city

We stop along the way in this beautiful land of Ciudad Real, which gets the name of the blonde color Villarrubia terrain. Place after the reconquest stand and where Sanchez-Jijon brothers founded the oldest cattle ranch fighting bulls in Spain, thus creating, the “caste jijona”.

It is a place to get lost among all its hermitages and parishes, each more charming, Noteworthy in this place the clock tower and the Museum of Agriculture, where we can see and farming tools and everyday objects, some with more than 300 years old that are conserved in perfect condition.

We are in this place with the Scorching Mirador Restaurant de la Mancha, a wonderful place to enjoy a good steak grilled Iberian pork and beef.

Agricultural Museum in Villarrubia de los Ojos
Agricultural Museum

Callosa de Segura, Alicante

We can say it is a place with a long history, since the first known site dating from the Bronze Age and attached to the Argaric, which is considered the first metallurgical civilization of the Iberian Peninsula.

With a large number of places to visit, in highlighting their hermitages and churches, some of which are from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. We should also mention the Castle of Callosa, known as “the Castillico”, which is located in the Sierra de Callosa, It is from the Islamic period and is listed as cultural interest.

One of the things you can not miss is the living representation of the Passion of Christ. And as a curiosity we can tell, the protagonist who plays Christ is Javier Amoros, Scorching Niagara's restaurant owner and Restaurante Morote.

To enjoy a good grilled meat, We found the restaurant Scorching Nigara's, a magnificent steakhouse that does not disappoint.

Representation of the Passion of Christ in Callosa de Segura
Passion Play in Callosa de Segura

Consuegra, Toledo

This magnificent village has a special charm, thanks to its mills and castle, antiquity showing that counts Consuegra.

Castle building is located in the tenth century, during the Caliphate of Córdoba. In the year 1097 Diego Rodriguez dies, son of El Cid, during the Battle of Consuegra, happened to be Muslim two years until these, in 1099 They were finally withdrawn from Consuegra.

Mills from the nineteenth century, although there is one that comes from the sixteenth century, There are some who still have all the original machinery, Another is an exhibition of wines , one of them has an exhibition of handicrafts Toledana, which makes them all something worth visiting for leisure and history of Consuegra.

In the square of Spain, We found the restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon, a great place to enjoy a good steak grilled Iberian pork and beef.

Windmills of Consuegra

Trujillo, Cáceres

We have come to the land of conquerors, place from where Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru, which we see honored in the town square with a statue and Francisco Orellana, discoverer of the Amazon.

If it is worth noting a time Trujillo, we highlight the average age, leaving us in this population the castle, Arabas as they built the fortress in the ninth and tenth centuries, the castle was built in the thirteenth century. It was a walled city, which we can still see four of the seven gates that had: Gate of Triumph, from Santiago, de la Vera Cruz and Coria.

We also have the house museum and the palace Pizarro Pizarro Orellana, in honor of these two discoverers of which we spoke earlier .

In the Plaza Mayor, Scorching have the restaurant Corral Del Rey, a spectacular place in which to enjoy a good grilled meat is something you can not miss.

Main Square
Plaza Mayor de Trujillo.


Júcar riverside and Huecar, we found this beautiful city, declared world heritage, It is a place where getting lost is incredible.

We can enjoy the cathedral, the hanging houses and ancient stone streets are calling to enjoy all the history that counts here.

The story begins in terraced houses 1565, since this year the painter Anton van den Wyngaerde onto its box “Cuenca from east”. Today only remains a small part of them, But it is more than enough to drop by and contemplate why Cuenca.

And after tourism, better than taste good grilled meat in Embid Finca Restaurant located next to Cuenca.

Hanging houses

Polientes, Cantabria

Located in the valley of Valderredible, we find Polientes, a place flowing with nature at every step, the Ebro to its passage by the municipality, make stroll along its paths is something unique, To which we add that we can enjoy the Ebro River Park.

The town is around the Plaza de la Olmeda, which it is the nineteenth century, We add to this the house of José Casado and entnográfico Museum Polientes, in which traits that make us know better the culture of this wonderful place are preserved.

In nature we find the restaurant Scorching Cantabria, a quiet place to enjoy a wonderful grilled meat.

Another photo of the Valley of Valderredible in Cantabria
Valley Valderredible in Cantabria

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Pozuelo known as a place in which to spend a great day, If we talk about entertainment, as it has many places to spend a pleasant and entertaining time, such are cinemas, restaurants, parks, bares…

We do not know is that it is a place where life remains the oldest in the world found, I pass the average age being home to great personages of the time and which owes its name to, in 1632 It was sold to the Alarcon family, giving this name to the municipality.

After many economic progress, the passage of the civil war was devastating Pozuelo de Alarcon and returned to an era of poverty as he had earlier centuries, which he got out and today is one of the cities with the highest per capita income in Spain.

And great place there must always be a great restaurant, I speak of the Scorching Restaurante El Abuelito, where you can eat a wonderful grilled meat Iberian pork and beef.

Park Pozuelo de Alarcon