This is the kitchen of Scorching Niagara’s restaurant

The kitchen is perhaps the most unknown space for restaurant customers and in Scorching Niagara’s Restaurant we want you to get an idea of ​​how we work and some of the things, among other dishes and tapas, What we can offer from this restaurant located in Callosa de Segura (Alicante). From the experience and professionalism adhered to by the Scorching group since we partnered in 2018 with excellent cuts and pieces of grilled meats from their own aging, At Niagara’s we offer a varied menu and dishes full of fabulous recipes with traditional and innovative cuisine..

Restaurant grill in Callosa de Segura ( Alicante)

Brasa restaurant in Callosa Segura

It is Grill restaurant in Callosa de Segura, Alicante, is a benchmark for the people of the Vega Baja del Segura. Since its creation, this restaurant has been distinguished for its excellent service, close and professional, accompanied by a menu full of flavors and typical dishes of the area, without forgetting the magnificent classic tapas of this Alicante area where brilliant tapas abound. Since 1978, This Mediterranean establishment stands out for its expertise in the preparation of fantastic rice dishes and grilled meats of its own breeding. It is even known for its richness and varied gastronomic tapas.

The specialties of the restaurant led by Francisco Javier Amorox Cecilia along with his brothers lie in the most secret recipes of the land of its founders who were their grandparents in 1978 and thus they offer a great variety of tapas and excellent ones that are well known in the area such as trocina de anoja and timbale de piquillos which was awarded as third prize in "Tapas national competition of Alicante". further, Our veal centerboard with pistachio powder also stands out, Niagara’s potatoes with Iberian ham and egg or the delicious veal fingers.

Dipping Table

Own parenting chart to dip or share

Piquillo tower with trocina of Anoja

Piquillo tower with trocina of Anoja


A) Yes, In this restaurant, if it differs in something, it is because of the quality of its tapas, since you can find from a beef tataki with praline and crunchy pistachio or Braised Cheddar vegetables to some baby broad beans with Iberian bacon and egg or nachos with guacamole.

Tataki de ternera

Anoja beef tataki with pistachio praline

How could it be otherwise and being the great attraction of the restaurant, Scorching Niagara's Serves Scorching Self-Raised Meats Grilled in a Closed Oven, so that in the absence of oxygen the pore of the meat closes and its cooked on the grill is faster and being much juicier. Meat grills such as the Suprema grill, which is a tasting of the noble pieces of Iberian meat and veal. further, You can also find a honeydew medallion and a variety of hamburgers so that you can choose the one you like the most that day like the Gourmet hamburger, Iberian Manchega, Abrasador XL or mini burger trio.

Supreme grilled Abrasador

Scorching Supreme parrillada

Noble tender and juicy cut of beef Abrasador

Anoja medallion of veal with honey and perfect touch of curry to grilled.

burgers 100% veal meat

Miniburguer trio

Rice dishes are also quality dishes from Scorching Niagara’s since this type of food could not be missing in the Alicante area. Rice with rabbit and snails or rice with crust are some of the most popular rice dishes.

I couldn't miss the desserts. Homemade and delicious. This is the common assessment of those who try them since they are elaborations made by us with great care and professionalism.. Three chocolate cake, Calatrava bread or cheese cake are some of the most demanded desserts by those who visit us. Do not stay without enjoying this unforgettable experience.


How to order at Scorching restaurant El Racó de Mama Lola

The pandemic caused this year by Covid-19 has caused the hospitality sector to have the need to reinvent itself once again and develop other work tools that maintain the restoration due to the restrictions that this sector suffers, And ultimately, society, such as the curfew or even the prohibition of performing services in the same restaurant in a traditional way with the setting at the table or the limitation of capacity, among other measures.

Scorching food comes to your home

Scorching food comes to your home

All these measures have triggered the majority of restaurants to join the initiative to order take out as in Scorching restaurant El Racó de Mama Lola we have adapted to this unusual scenario by placing take away orders. So that you can taste our most special and traditional dishes of the restaurant with specialty in grilled meat and rice, you just have to place your order on our website, Scorching App or by phone.

Scorching App

Scorching App with which you can order

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  • APP IOS –>
  • TELEPHONE –> 965 429 736

further, in Scorching restaurant El Racó de Mama Lola We want to help you all in this difficult situation and we have launched a promotional code for your take-away orders and give you a plate of Iberian ham from own aging Scorching. At the end of the purchase you must enter or redeem our promo code MAMALOLA (All together) In order to take you a free plate of Iberian ham for placing your order with us to take home the starters, most special dishes and desserts and enjoy it at home with an unbeatable company like family.

Promo code for your order

Promo code for your order

We have all the dishes available that you could enjoy with us in the restaurant so that you can add it to the cart and take it home. From our most traditional salads such as our Scorching salad or our chaplain salad, a very tasty and fresh dish, and cheeses and Iberian products or our delicious homemade Iberian ham croquettes to our exquisite grilled meat such as the grilled honey medallion (200g) or the grilled entrecote.

further, You can also enjoy our rice specialties such as arroz a la banda, lobster creamy rice or rice with rabbit and snails.

Sticky rice with lobster

Sticky rice with lobster, an unmistakable flavor that distinguishes the restaurant

Rice With Rabbit

Rice with rabbit is a typical rices of the city ilicitana

We could not miss our pieces of grilled meat from our own breeding, both yearling veal and Iberian field bait pork. Our grilled pork tenderloin or grilled Iberian pork (250gr) you can take it home and taste it as if you were in the restaurant.

But how can I take or order the dishes from Scorching restaurant El Racó de Mama Lola to be delivered to me??

With this illustrative video we wanted to facilitate the task of placing orders to take to each client and to help them how to place the order and redeem the restaurant's promotional code and thus take advantage of the promotion of acquiring the gift of a plate of Iberian ham.

In this brand new Scorching service you are fully informed of your order, both the price of the dishes and total, like the pick-up time slot at your scorching restaurant in the city you live in. further, You can also check the location of the restaurant to avoid loss with your GPS. Even some of the partner restaurants can take this food to your home.


History and legends of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

The Sierra de Callosa de Segura has always been known in the Valencian Community for its high environmental value, as it is one of the most representative rock formations of the southern semi-arid mountains. Ecological values ​​such as relief, the uniqueness of its vegetation, the existence of threatened fauna species, the landscape aspects and the large amount of infrastructure for public use available, led to its declaration as a Municipal Natural Area.

Panoramic view of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

Panoramic view of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

further, the place has unbeatable infrastructures for enjoying the environment, that allow from the practice of mountain sports or the environmental interpretation of the space to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing day of rest in its recreational facilities.

The place has a Nature Classroom, located in the facilities of La Cueva Ahumada and whose objective is to make visitors aware of the importance of preserving spaces as unique as this one. Meanwhile, Vegetation is undoubtedly one of the most recognized environmental values ​​of the sierra due to its uniqueness. Factors like soil scarcity, of water, the steep orography and high temperatures have favored, during evolutionary processes, the emergence of plant adaptations and the consequent increase in biodiversity. Here we find endemic species such as the ashen cattail and the rock thistle.

Smoked Cave of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

Smoked Cave of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

As a local flora, it is linked to the great diversity of ecosystems that it houses, among which stand out: The low scrub, stony slopes, rocks, caves, pinar, pastureland, etc, because of that, we can find animals from the simplest, ancient and small such as mollusks and insects to the most evolved and large as reptiles, birds and mammals. In the rocks, Stony and sunny slopes, the presence of reptiles such as red-tailed and Iberian lizards is frequent.

A mountain range with a lot of variety in vegetation

A mountain range with a lot of variety in vegetation

Cat's tail, flora of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

Cat's tail, flora of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

And how could it be otherwise, This mountain has a great legend that tells that a young shepherd named Venancio herded his herd of goats on the steep slopes of the Sierra Callosina, when one of them, lost, he perched on top of a steep peak that looms over the city and from which he could not get out. Venancio came to help that little goat, with such misfortune that he stumbled his body into the void of that steep slope. In that precise and difficult moment, the young pastor Venancio did not hesitate to entrust himself to San Roque, with so much faith, that the miracle known today was worked in which Venancio reached the ground without suffering any damage, attributing to the invoked Patron Saint the miracle of saving his life. Venancio promised that, during all his life, he would hang a lantern with lights at the top of that peak in memory of his gratitude.

Legend of the lantern of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

Legend of the lantern of the Sierra de Callosa de Segura

At the end of the visit through this rich mountain range of Callosa del Segura we can stop along the way to regain strength and visit the Scorching Niagara’s Restaurant. This restaurant has top quality grilled meat and has extensive experience since its inception in 1978.


Historical figures of the Vega Baja

The Vega Baja del Segura region is located in the Valencian Community and includes the southern extremes of the province of Alicante up to the limit of the Region of Murcia. This region treasures a wide cultural heritage due to the many cities that make it up, being Orihuela its capital and one of the main claim cities in the province. The historical figures who have been born or have developed a long career in the Vega Baja are many, but below we will highlight the most important in each city.

Orihuela-Miguel Hernández

Miguel Hernandez

It is an unmistakable pairing in the history of Spain. To speak of Orihuela is to mention Miguel Hernández. Orihuela Natal, the poet came into direct contact with nature and the solitude of the countryside, a fact that will inspire you throughout your life to compose. In the middle of this environment. Miguel wrote many poems thanks to the presence of nature, which was etched both in his poetry - especially in his youth poetry.- as in your letters.

In 1925 at fifteen, he has to drop out of school to take care of the goats again near Orihuela. But, while taking care of them, I read books by Gabriel y Galán, I look, Zorrilla. Sometimes he would write verses in the shade of a tree. In the spring of 1939, before the flight of the republican front, Miguel Hernández began his coming and going through prisons: Sevilla, Madrid. Suddenly, mid-September 1939, He was released.

Dragged by the love of his own, march to Orihuela, where he is imprisoned again in the seminary of San Miguel, turned into prison. Until in his defenseless organism an "acute pulmonary tuberculosis" is declared that extends to both lungs, reaching such alarming proportions that even the attempt to transfer him to the Porta Coeli Penitentiary Sanatorium is impossible. Between pains, bleeding, coughing strokes, Miguel Hernández was slowly wasting away. The 28 March 1942 dies at thirty-one.

Albatera-Valentín García Quinto

Valentin Garcia Quinto

Valentín García Quinto was born in Albatera in 1927. His inclination to painting and sculpture comes from childhood. He went to Barcelona in 1942 to study at the School of Arts and Crafts. He completed his training at the Reixach Campanya Workshop and later studied drawing and modeling in Palma de Mallorca and decoration of sculpture and stone carving in Madrid.

His work, fundamentally of religious inspiration, they embellish Holy Week in Albate and that of many towns in our province, Almeria and Murcia. Universal artist and tireless worker has sculptures scattered all over the world: Egypt, New York, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela and Japan. Featured as one of the representatives of current Levantine sculpture, He was named Favorite Son of the Villa de Albatera in 1996.

Almoradí-Tomás Valdés Ibáñez

Tomás Valdés Ibañez

D. Tomás Valdés Ibáñez, born in Almoradí, entered the Naval Academy on the day 19 October 1941 and was promoted to Alferez de Navío on 15 October 1946 with the number one of your Promotion, for which he was awarded the 1st Class Naval Merit Cross with white distinctive. The day 8 August 1950 promoted to the job of Lieutenant, being stationed on the Méndez Núñez Cruise. Being embarked on the General Staff of the Mediterranean Naval Division, on the Gravina Destroyer and on the Miguel de Cervantes Cruiser. Ranger Cies and Minesweeper Almanzora commanded as Lieutenant of the Ship. The day 1 of January of 1950 promoted to Lieutenant Commander. The day 1 July 1971 promoted to Captain of the Frigate, commanding the Destroyer Almirante Valdés. In february 1979 promoted to Captain. The day 3 March 1982 is promoted to Rear Admiral of the Navy.

Benijófar-Florencio Celdrán Chazarra

He was born in Benijófar (Alicante) the day 7 October 1899, To a child, lost his left arm between the mechanical teeth of a Ferris wheel on the banks of the Segura River. Teacher in his hometown until age twenty-three. His valuable performance in said school earned him so that D. Felipe Rinaldi, then Superior General of the Salesians, dispense with the lack of an arm to enter the novitiate.

He moved to Valencia to the school on Sagunto Street where the night of the 21 July 1936. The school was under siege during the night of 20-21, they were hours of trouble, shock and a fearful wait. With the first light of dawn, there is the assault of a crowd that shouts, blasphemous, loot and destroy. The arrival of the guards was a relief for all Salesians. Cellular cars drove them to the model jail, in Mislata.

Released from that prison by the efforts of the Benijófar Revolutionary Committee. To this end, some components of the Committee and, after laborious negotiations, they managed to get him out of jail and transfer him to Benijófar, where they released him. He spent the war in his town, walking through the orchard with a book under his only arm and, in work breaks, taught the neighbors to read and write. I was returning to Valencia, to the school on Sagunto street in 1939 where he stayed until his death. In the year 1963 underwent cataract surgery and was blind the following year. He defended and acted the trilogy: tell, read and write.

His life was a constant lesson. Parents when enrolling their children insisted that they put them in their class (such was the fame of good). Of a good man and a good teacher that Don Florencio enjoyed. It was the quintessential teacher class, of the good man, of the missing. He was the most beloved teacher in the school with no academic degree. He died in Valencia, Sagunto street school, the day 14 from December to 1972, to the 73 years and 44 of religious life.

Callosa de Segura-Francisco Salinas

Francisco Salinas

Francisco-Martín Salinas y García was born in Callosa del Segura on 17 November 1909 and he died at the Provincial Hospital of Alicante on 30 May 1987. The poetic abilities of Francisco Salinas stood out for the ability to compose from memory in the style of troveros. Francisco did not attend school, because he played truant and spent the day playing and kidding pranks. He took up his father's trade, hairdresser, and in the salon of said hairdresser, poets from the Vega Baja met as an informal gathering, that according to his niece Rosario Salinas, Miguel Hernández also attended with some frequency, Santiago Moreno, Vicente Bautista, Gabriel and Ramón Sijé, Carlos fenoll, Jesus Poveda, Manuel Molina, Vicente Ramos, Carlos Sahagún and the painter Gastón Castelló.

Precisely in this city, Callosa del Segura, Scorching Naigara’s is found, a restaurant specializing in grilled meat, both yearling veal and Iberian field bait pig, all made with coconut charcoal.

A good restaurant near Alicante

Today we speak with the Zurita brothers, owners of the Abrasador Restaurante Graná, located in Campello (Alicante) and as they define themselves, "Some in love with the Mediterranean gastronomic culture".

The Zurita brothers
Jorge and Juanma Zurita from Restaurante Graná

They are Jorge and Juan Manuel, and they are in charge of running the family restaurant, who has already fulfilled the 50 years since its opening and that so many joys (also the occasional sleepless night) has given them.

A lifetime linked to the world of restoration, these two brothers have toured different hospitality establishments, although his head has always been on the family business; a restaurant that today has become a gastronomic reference in the town. Jorge and Juanma tell us how they have achieved success.

Grana Restaurant Lounge
Graná Restaurant Lounge

Let's talk about your restaurant. When was it created and what characteristics does it have?

Graná Restaurant was created in the year 1970 for our great-uncle, years later it passed into the hands of our parents, and now we manage it, that is to say, it has passed from generation to generation to become what it is today, Burning Graná Restaurant.

Our establishment is characterized by being on the beach, we have a terrace with sea views, where our clients enjoy a meal with great harmony of flavors and personality, as they relax looking out to sea. Our kitchen, traditional, is marked by great quality.

Beef tenderloin
Grilled Beef Sirloin

Your restaurant has become a success story of the Scorching Group, What can you tell me about it?

We chose Burning Ten years ago, more or less, because the quality of the products was assured and, today we can say that everything remains the same, even the quality is even better if possible. The Ramírez family has cared for us from the first moment so that everything turns out perfect and that has made us achieve success.

Grilled meat in Graná
Presentation of grilled meats at Abrasador Restaurante Grana

Why is it important to have a good quality policy in the catering sector?

The client comes, try our dishes and repeat; this can only be achieved with a good quality policy, without forgetting the room service, also very important for the experience to be perfect.

Appearance of grilled meat

What differentiates you from other restaurants in your area?

We would highlight the following elements: we are scorching, our location is very good and the personal treatment towards clients is exceptional, thanks to the experience of more 40 years working in this sector. The sum of all these elements is what makes us different.

Year-old Steak Tartar
The famous Steak Tartar of Restaurante Graná

Do you have any upcoming goals?

Today you could say that our goal is to get ahead, since we are currently in a difficult situation for the hospitality sector, but let's get out, We have to go out! Apart of this, our main and daily objective is to improve, improve in everything we can.

Burning Melani Grana
Mélani winner of the Meters Contest

Now let's talk about your relationship with the Burning Group

How many years have you been associated with the brand ABRASADOR? 

Ten years, And it is said soon! (Laughs). Our experience with Abrasador is very good, they involve you in the project from minute one and it's a very nice process. I wish we could do the same or work half as well with other providers.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

Deal with personalized customer, guaranteed product quality and 100% dedication, that is to say, for us it is not a job, It is a lifestyle.

Grana equipment
Restaurant equipment room Scorching Graná

Have you had a sales increase in recent years? 

Yes, at the time we embarked on the project with Abrasador, we begin to notice an increase in sales. I believe that if you embark on a project like this, in the short or long term you will always be successful, you are not wrong.

What values ​​would you highlight of this Group of Restaurants?

The Burning Group has a team that is very concerned, concern for improvement, both them and their product. They are people who constantly advance in what they intend.

Steak tartare dish Scorching Restaurant Graná in El Campello (Alicante), beachside MUCHAVISTA
Steak tartare Scorching Restaurant Graná in El Campello (Alicante)
Lobster dish Meloso
Lobster Restaurant honeyed Graná

In what position are you positioned in your city?

At Google we have a score of 4.2 on 5 and on Tripadvisor we are in the position 21 of 163 Restaurants in Campello.

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Without a doubt today. Years ago we used radio spots or paper ads, but, All that has changed! Right now everything is moving on digital platforms and that is why it is very important to be on them.

Images of Graná Restaurant
Pictures of Abrasador Restaurante Graná

And to finish, do you think that in the world of restaurants a little more training is needed in the sector? Why?

Yes, learning is a constant path. Gastronomy and culture are two branches that are closely related and constantly change, Thus, training is always necessary.

Jorge and Juanma de Grana
Attendance at Training Days

Valentine menu in Niagara's Scorching and restaurant Morote


Rosemary bread
Orza of veal with pistachio mayonnaise
Asparagus buds with salmon
Baby broad beans with candied onion and foie micuit
Grilled national squid
Aphrodisiac salad


Monkfish puff pastry with green foam

Yearling rib at low temperature


Crazy Love


Price per couple: 70 €


As its name suggests, according to him historian José Montesinos, Calloused means "beautiful place", word from the Greek. This municipality located in the Baix Segura de la Valencian Community is marked by the profile of the sierra, declared place natural. Its extensive historical heritage. scattered throughout the city, make which is one of the most outstanding municipality of Vega Baja. House Belenista, which houses a museum with a rich collection of births and figures of the Bethlehem It is one of the most popular civilian buildings.

Casa Belenista, inside

Another of the most historic civil buildings and of interest is the Real Pósito. This monument is a repository of cereal municipal character, whose primary function was to make loans cereal in reasonable conditions neighbors needed. The new granary built in 1790 and it is located at the entrance to the town, along the road leading to the neighboring town of Orihuela.

Real positive Callosa de Segura

the Granary, It was constructed with avituallar purpose of the population. Furthermore was an institution whose object It was storing tools and farm implements and grains supply the neighbors, especially in times of shortage, both the planting and for the own consumption of the population. The sense of this was and free them from falling into the hands of usury and speculation hoarders. Thus they could alleviate crop failures and crises subsistence. On the other hand also it gave the option to sell the surplus the callosinos farmers reap what in turn led to the development of a weekly market. Despite its mere functionality as a grain store, presents notable architectural and artistic values.

Besides these two buildings Historic civilians, Callosa de Segura treasures and other tourist attractions great story given its tradition as is the Cañamo. The municipality boasts a Hemp Museum because it wants to keep the memory alive for the cultivation of the Hemp has largely been lost by the introduction of the fibers synthetic. Treatment of hemp is traditional Callosa of the Segura from the Middle Ages.

Hemp Museum
Another photograph of the Museum of Hemp

On the other hand, Old Town from the city, located at the foot of the Sierra de Callosa, It maintains its structure the medieval and modern times. Within it is the most buildings of historical and cultural interest: Archpriest Church of St. Martin. Archpriest Church San Martin Obispo, It is undoubtedly the greatest building historical and architectural value of our city as evidenced by the fact It is having been declared National Artistic Historical Monument by Royal Decree 2865/1980 of 14 of November.

Image containing inside, building, table, Description Automatically generated clock
Marton church Arciprestal San Obispo

The present temple is the second of the buildings on the same site have risen in honor of his headline. The origins of the Church of St. Martin back to the 11 of November from 1265, when King James I the Conqueror temple dedicated to the mosque Christian, and the match on the entry of Christian troops with Feast of St. Martin, the name of the saint made the first temple Callosa de Segura. Then came a Gothic temple, whose existence lasted from 1281 a 1494, it would be of a single ship. Gothic church that disappeared, it started to build the current factory work, qualified as a work capital of the Spanish revival. the name of the architect who designed the plans is ignored, Although the main work was completed in the year 1553 by the master Alonso de Arteaga, as testified by a plaque on the original facade. long time spent on the construction of our temple has allowed in it are represented various artistic styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. This church is like traveling back in time.

But it off, calloused Safe treasures some notable gastronomic specialties and why It is as varied as are its landscapes and products. It is typically Mediterranean, with old recipes and nutritional habits that have remained unchanged for centuries; where recipes blend the kitchen Traditional and modern. Definitely, delicious dishes found in each of the bars and restaurants of the town, as restaurant scorching Niagaras that holds all kinds of specialties of the municipality as the "rice crust", "Bacalao meneao", "Porridge with arrope", or "Almojábanas callosinas". Furthermore, this restaurant specializes in meat embers own upbringing as Anoja beef and Iberian pork bait field. It features dishes like grilled supreme, Beefsteak or Iberian secret grilled.

Restaurant Scorching Falls

Alicante knows wine

"Alicantinos Wines, good ones wines ". Thus describe tourists and residents of the city of light wines of the Alicante province. Being enrolled in the D. O. Alicante from 1932, these wines have become a benchmark for other provinces Spanish thanks to its large production center. In fact it was during Years wine capitals of the Iberian Peninsula, because of its remarkable and Variable production. With the help of the seaport, Its wines have been touring every corner of the peninsula and even bear the name of Alicante outside the Spanish borders. One of the flagship wines province is the muscatel, a highly aromatic white variety allowing draw from muscat grapes a dry wine, very aromatic; While it may undergo partial alcoholic fermentation to obtain a semisweet wine

wines DO. Alicante, a guarantee

Alicante wines are endorsed by the many awards they are getting nationwide and international, as well as the recognition of industry professionals wine. Over time, the various settlements íberos, Greek, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians have finally given this Do Kyung-soo. a historical backing and experience of thousands of years. Archaeological remains They confirmed the presence of large Villa is, amphorae, tinajas, Utensils..

In the province of Alicante White varieties are produced: Chardonnay, Macabeo, Meseguera, Muscat of Alexandria, Sauvignon White, Airén, Verdil, Sauvignon Blanc, Fine Ground Pedralba and Subirat Parent. In the group of red varieties are the Monastrell, Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Tintorera, Tempranillo, Bobal, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Black Pinor, Petit Verdot y Syrah.

The wines produced in Alicante are young, whites, pink and red, indicating their add in labeling, vintage wines, wines, reserva and gran reserva, aged, liqueur wines and famed developed and internationally recognized Fondillón with grapes Monastrell, sobremature in stock with the minimum 10 years of breeding.

History the Alicante wine

During the Renaissance, Fernando Catholic, in 1510 He banned the distribution of wines from Alicante from other lands. This century virtually all nations had surfaces seaweed farming, and is created in the first Cocentaina Spain enological station to try to stop the arrival of phylloxera these areas. The highlight of the wine Starts in the nineteenth century. In the middle of this century and the first Oidium after phylloxera devastate the French vineyards. It signed a treaty preferential trade with this country which is an incredible launching pad for our wines. At the end of this century to have 93.000 hectares and a over production 1.200.000 hectoliters.

At present does not exceed or 10.000 hectares and production is about 400.000 hectoliters. In 1892 he He ended the French treaty and begin the leave and overproduction to be a Alicante cancer in viticulture. Notably archiconocido Fondillón, Alicante wine that has occupied in its history the best tables in the world. The It must be true Alicante Monastrell grapes, and those results that wine, thick, a sweet taste, with some asperity, so dear in all nations. Its main virtues are coming from the on maturity of grape Monastrell in strain (and as such is typified). Something that can do in Alicante in certain vintages thanks to the long summer and a little moisture and cleaning environment that occurs between October and November that You can lengthen the life cycle of the Monastrell grape (and late-cycle) until these dates. Another of its peculiarities is that alcohol comes exclusively from grapes, so its biological fermentation: not receive no additives.

The twentieth century is a time of certain braking culture, it changes the productive and economic model Alicante Province, opting for the tourist and industrial model and other more profitable crops for the time.

All these changes mature in the early years 90 when they start to reach new warehouses totaling innovation to traditional and back again to speak Wine DOP Alicante, up to the time of maturity that today live with new facilities, new wine, young winemakers and grape growers, awards, recognition and improved dissemination of this whole wide wine culture.

warehouses designation of origin

The wineries that produce this type of wine are very few alicantino, although many wineries are keen to recover this product so historic and emblematic. Some of the wineries with designation of origin are as follows: Algueña wines, Bodegas Monovar, Bodegas Alejandro.

Scorching Restaurant Graná, Alicante restaurant serving good wine

This restaurant on the beach of Muchavista in the town of "El Campello" has an excellent and varying letter in which you can enjoy specialties such as rice dishes and meats own parenting Scorching such as the Iberian pork and veal Anoja bait field. further, It features a variety of wines D. O. Alicante to enjoy with dinner or lunch and are specialists in rice.

This restaurant on the beach of Muchavista in the town of "El Campello" has an excellent and varying letter in which you can enjoy specialties such as rice dishes and meats own parenting Scorching such as the Iberian pork and veal Anoja bait field. further, It features a variety of wines D. O. Alicante to enjoy with dinner or lunch.