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A successful restaurant

Adolfo and Nacho

Adolfo and Nacho, owners of Scorching Restaurant Altomira

Interview with Adolfo Aucejo and Nacho Torres.

Success stories of the group of scorching restaurants

"We wanted to be different in our region and with Scorching we have achieved it "

Adolfo Aucejo Rosalen

Scorching Restaurant Altomira de Navajas, located in one of the main inland tourist destinations of the Valencian Community

Tables for lunch

Tables of the Scorching Altomira Restaurant

The Scorching Altomira restaurant in Navajas (Castellón) is another of the Group's success stories, where the mirror is reciprocal. The learning between franchisee and franchisee, for the enormous experience in hospitality of Adolfo and Nacho, Altomira partners, it is mutual.

Ideal enclave. Rural tourism Castellón

Navajas, just 40 minutes from Valencia and its metropolitan area and very close to Castellón, It is one of the main inland tourist destinations of the Valencian Community. "Our town is located between two natural parks, the Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona and the Ojos Negros greenway runs through it, the more long from Spain. The main tourist attraction of the town is the Salto de la Novia, a waterfall of 60 meters high.

El Salto de la Novia, Navajas, Castellón

Scorching Altomira specialization and ability

scorching Altomira, specialized in rice dishes and grilled and own-aged meats, has a capacity for 80 diners in the restaurant and 30 diners in the cafeteria, in addition to having an interior patio and an exterior terrace, where both lunch and dinner are also offered.

Rice with vegetables

Vegetable rice and Iberian ham from Altomira Restaurant

The beginnings of Scorching Altomira

Nacho Torres and Adolfo Aucejo begin their dream in hospitality in 1997, managing the Altomira campsite, where the Scorching Altomira restaurant is currently located.

“We soon realized that we had to unify the business and take it under the same direction. (since in the beginning the camping restaurant was managed by a third party) although it wasn't until four years ago when we bet on the brand Burning".

We have found excellence with our own special meats, grilled meats, both in veal and Iberian pork, Y novel cuts. All of it, added to the formations taught by the Scorching Group chef Carlos Torres, has allowed us to achieve one of our objectives: differentiate ourselves and be a gastronomic benchmark between the wide offer in our region.

Dining Room of the Scorching Restaurant Altomira

The formation, a highly valued pillar

The restaurant staff are involved in trainings throughout the year, both the one imparted by the chain and the one proposed by the Altomira management in the Development Centers of the Valencian Community (CDT), principally. “As business managers, the training of both the kitchen and living room staff, it is the main base and one of the strengths for which the Altomira restaurant bets without fissures ".

Altomira Training

Scorching Altomira Restaurant Team in training


Scorching recognition Altomira

Scorching recognition Altomira

Scorching Altomira's kitchen

The kitchen and gastronomic space of Altomira is aimed at a mostly family audience, but also couples, vacation tourism, family events, of companies, etc.

We work many zero kilometer products, enjoying those foods from a region like ours rich in extra virgin olive oil with Denomination of Origin, products from our garden and, of course, the meat of our own breeding and grilled from the family farm that the Group has been operating for two generations in Menasalbas (Toledo).

Our cuisine is traditional without losing the native recipe of our ancestors; but a tradition that never ceases to amaze the customer with testimonies, avant-garde proposals, novel presentations and dishes. The best reward we find is the experience our client has in the restaurant.

Objectives of the Altomira restaurant in Navajas

Our goal is to try to stay at the level we are today. "That is not easy", Adolfo points out, since Navajas is a small indoor nucleus, very well located, but where we have to give our best every day.

Outdoor spaces and engagement

With the improvements we have made at the beginning of 2020 (extension with the new outdoor terrace and playground) e driven as we said by training, in addition to the tenacity and motivation of the entire team, our objetive, and said with all the respect and responsibility, is to keep us.

Children's playground terrace

Terrace and playground in Scorching Altomira Restaurant

A challenging challenge without a doubt, when the objective is the commitment to a quality raw material, very powerful human resources - with an average team of 10 people throughout the year, that are the heart of Scorching Altomira- and surprise customers to continue betting and repeating in this gastronomic space.

Altomira team

Scorching Altomira Restaurant Team with Julio Ramirez and Carlos Torres

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