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Interview with Placido Nuñez. Success stories of the group of scorching restaurants

I wanted a specialty restaurant, I liked the idea of ​​grilled meats own parenting, I bet for it and, 20 years later, I'm still here next to the Abrasador Group”

Placido Nuñez Prieto

Placido Núñez, Scorching Restaurant Owner Almagro, He saw an opportunity to start their own catering establishment and makes 20 years. Natural de Almagro (Real city), this entrepreneur has spent virtually his entire professional life to the hospitality industry, working in bars and restaurants from very different points of the Spanish geography.

Was in the year 2000 When Nunez decided to try launching his own restaurant. From the outset this entrepreneur was clear that his restaurant had to be different; that idea was what led him to meet the Ramirez family and,  later, Scorching engage with the Group "in this great adventure", as he himself says.

Team Almagro
Scorching Team Almagro

Placid, let's talk about the restaurant Scorching Almagro. What features does this establishment, which in turn it is a success of the Scorching Group?

My restaurant is located in the historic center of Almagro next to the Municipal Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art, in a typical house of the late nineteenth century, I personally decorated, giving priority to art, to the theater, light and plants.

Manchego cuisine rich offer our products with designation of origin, but with emphasis on our own breeding meat Abrasador Group.

Our advantage is that Almagro is a town with the declaration of a Historical and receives many tourists. His heritage is an irresistible lure for tourists who want to end a good visit with a rewarding meal ... And here we come, with quality gastronomy, local and seasonal products, and specialty grilled meat, together with the experience of more than 20 years attending a public demanding.

Plaza de Almagro
Plaza Mayor de Almagro

What sets it apart from other restaurants?

Restaurant Scorching born with the purpose of offering a careful traditional cuisine but at different time, with certain touches of avant-garde and originality. further, my restaurant is recommended by the Guide Micheliín, recognition we have earned with hard work and enthusiasm. We also recommend you Tripadvisor (We are currently positioned as the first restaurant in Almagro thanks to the good feedbacks from our customers), and the popular French guidebook Routard We also recommend.

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Image Capture Advisor

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

Scorching work with the Group for more than 20 years and our experience is very positive. We have grown together, since we started working with them in the year 2000, we have shared experiences with great professionals, who are committed to this business and that's a sign that something we are doing well.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

The key to success? Our offer grilled meats, with the added value that are own parenting, I think it was our guarantee for success. But if we join the professionalization of the sector, through training offered by the Group, more perseverance and good work ... There is in this business to struggle and work hard. But success is linked, definitely, a team of highly professional and motivated, who believes in the quality offered, and giving a service to meet the expectations of the customer who enters our Abrasador in Almagro.

Grilled ribeye
Beef Ribeye Anoja Abrasador

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

Scorching group is a chain with great professionals, who believe in what they do and bet on it, That it makes them different, in addition to its constancy in work and dedication. Passion and pride for the family business is your personal brand.

Photo Restaurants group Abrasdor
Scorching Training Days

What you are positioned as in your city?

On the one hand, Scorching Almagro is positioned as the restaurant Tripadvisor number 1 of the 37 there in Almagro. On the other hand, at Google we have a rating of 4.4 on 5.

For me these scores are very important, we must use all tools available. In my case, many people book in my restaurant thanks to these recommendations.

Scorching Almagro Restaurant Equipment
Facade and Restaurant Equipment

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Of course, It must take into account that people who come to Almagro are mainly tourists, which in turn use these tools when picking a restaurant or other, therefore for us reputation it is fundamental.

maybe, If my business was located in a municipality or a neighborhood with fixed clientele, therefore would not consider this…, but it is true that right now if you're not on new technologies, do not exist.

Scorching Tapas Restaurant Almagro
Scorching Tapas area Almagro

You think the world of restoration takes a little more training / professionalization of the sector? Why?

Of course, Customers are increasingly demanding. Things are not like before, Unlike, the concept of restoration has changed a lot. I remember that before people went out to eat a large quantity demanded. Then it changed and what was important was not only the amount, but also the price. Later, what was primarily it took into account the quality and price, but a little more quality. Today and for the last time, diners looking for good quality and good service, the price has moved to the background; as long as you eat well, the price is the least look.

Given all these factors we see people demand good service and, for it, training is needed, because the demands are greater every day. From Scorching Almagro committed to training, we have to be the day when all developments to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Delivery of the Certificate of Attendance at the training days Abrasador
Training Assistance

For us to be number one on TripAdvisor, thanks to the score of our clients, and have a 4.4 in Google is an achievement to which we have come thanks to the work of our team of cooks, waitresses and waiters, and careful attention to the customer that starts on digital platforms, generating content and reporting of our cuisine. All this was subsequently embodied in our restaurant with excellent service, without forgetting that the process continues when the client is gone and shares his views on social networks.

Gastronomy most prominent in the province of Málaga

Malaga province always It has been characterized as one of the most complete gastronomic regions Spain, because it offers various dishes from both sea and land. The topography of the region that holds both sea and mountain allows it to be enjoy good fish, tasty meats and vegetables fresh all year.

Include fish grilled, stews and soups and sweets. It is a seafood, fitted within the Andalusian cuisine, and therefore is influenced by all peoples of the Mediterranean. The influences of cuisines, highlights the famous Phoenicians and Romans salted fish, Arabic pastries with honey and nuts and Castilian cuisine techniques. Fresh produce provide the ability to fight high temperatures of summer.

A dish to take into account this province are the cold soups. The famous cold soups made with vegetables and seasonal fruit dishes are most popular in the summer and when the heat. While, It is true that the gazpacho is the king of the summer, although in the Malaga region it could be said to have their own competition with truncheon and ajoblanco.

Regarding hot soups, we highlight the Gazpachuelo, which it was unusual to see him eat by fishermen. It is based hot soup and fish, mayonnaise and potato.

collards Malagueña

collards Malagueña
collards Malagueña

this stew, very similar to cooked or pots that are made throughout the country has collards main ingredient, In addition to meat and vegetables. A complete the pot is added paprika and cumin rehash that leaves its stamp peculiar to this dish so wintry.

White garlic

White garlic
White garlic

traditional dish in Andalusia whose main base almond. It is said that food is the source Greek or Roman, but el-Andalus was realized something "say" like basis bread, oil, garlic and vinegar. Ajoblanco today is a cold soup which is often served accompanied by grapes. Is very typical grape accompany muscat Axarquia.

porra antequerana

porra Antequerana
porra Antequerana

Antequerana truncheon, as their same name tells us, It is a typical dish Antequera, a municipality located to the north of the province of Málaga, in the region of the same name.

Grilled sardines

Grilled sardines
Grilled sardines

Summer in the Malaga coast it would not be the same if there were no grilled sardines. Is stringing sardines on his back on a long thin rod, later you simply roast in firewood, which takes place on the beach. Name comes from the verb espetar, which means the same as ensartar. Although espetos can do with other types of fish, typical on the coast malagueño are those of sardines.

Fried anchovies

Fried anchovies
Fried anchovies

Fried anchovies are another typical dishes lands Málaga. Simply fried in abundant olive oil, they are a real delicacy. In the province of Málaga usually they fry them in bunches which are joined by the tail, and usually accompany with roasted pepper salad.

Concha Fina

Concha Fina
Concha Fina

 A variety of clam found only on the Malaga coast. Orange Color, very typical to eat iron or butternut, although usually the way you like is natural with a squeeze of lemon.

Migas Rondeñas

Rondeñas dish migas
Migas Rondeñas

In the Serrania de Ronda it is one of the areas considered best eaten in the province of Málaga, being Scorching La Carreta Ronda an idyllic restaurant to try all kinds of paltos mentioned and the highlights of Ronda as the "rondeñas crumbs" or "sardines" which are still subject to the traditional recipe, dishes are very appreciated by customers visiting Scorching La Carreta.

Attractions in Guadalajara and around

Históricamente, Guadalajara se ha sufrido en varias ocasiones la condición de tierra fronteriza. Durante la reconquista, hizo de límite entre los reinos cristianos del norte y los musulmanes del sur durante bastante tiempo. Ello explica la abundancia de castillos y fortalezas defensivas en la región. El castillo de Molina de Aragón, de origen andalusí, es un buen ejemplo de ello.

Durante la guerra civil española, la región sirvió de frontera entre los bandos republicanos y nacionalistas. La Batalla de Guadalajara (1937), ganada por los republicanos, fue una contienda clave y probablemente hizo que el enfrentamiento se prolongase por dos años más. La ciudad de Guadalajara, capital de la provincia, se vio bastante afectada durante la guerra y muchos edificios sufrieron daños importantes, entre ellos el famoso Palacio del Infantado. Es por ello que Guadalajara tiene numerosos monumentos de interés turístico como los siguientes:

Palacio del Infantado

Palacio del Infantado
Palacio del Infantado

Quizá el Palacio del Infantado es uno de los lugares más emblemáticos que ver en Guadalajara. Se trata de un palacio que ordenó construir, a finales del siglo XV, Iñigo López de Mendoza y Luna, segundo duque del Infantado. Este palacio acoge el Museo de Guadalajara, que está dividido en tres zonas: una arqueológica, otra etnográfica, y una tercera dedicada a pintura y escultura.

Museo de Guadalajara
Museo de Guadalajara

Y es que en la historia de la ciudad, la familia Mendoza tiene un papel protagonista. Además de nobles, se dedicaron a la vida política en España, y en Guadalajara ordenaron construcciones tan importantes como este palacio, que tiene un estilo gótico isabelino con elementos renacentistas. At present, también es la sede del Archivo Histórico, además del mencionado Museo Provincial de Guadalajara.


Convento de la piedad y Palacio de Antonio Mendoza
Convento de la Piedad y Palacio de Antonio Mendoza

En la ciudad sobreviven dos conventos: el de las Carmelitas de San José, y el de La Piedad. El edificio del convento fue levantado entre 1625 Y 1644, de la mano del arquitecto fray Alberto de la Madre de Dios y del maestro de obras Jerónimo de Buega. En el interior se conservan dos importantes obras: la Transverberación de Santa Teresa, of 1644, y las Tres mártires Carmelitas.

El convento de La Piedad también es conocido como Palacio de Antonio de Mendoza. Se construyó en el siglo XVI y se reformó en el siglo XIX cambiando un poco el estilo del edificio. Como convento existió hasta 1836. Después ha cumplido diferentes funciones: palacio nobiliario, convento, sede de la Diputación Provincial de Guadalajara, museo, cárcel e, incluso, Instituto de Educación Secundaria.

 Convento de Carmelitas de San José
Convento de Carmelitas de San José

Panteón de la Condesa

Uno de los lugares de interés que ver en Guadalajara es el Panteón de la Condesa de la Vega del Pozo y Duquesa de Sevillano. Es un monumento construido entre 1882 Y 1916 en la ciudad española de Guadalajara, por encargo de doña María Diega Desmaissières y Sevillano, condesa de la Vega del Pozo y duquesa de Sevillano, en honor de su padre y familiares fallecidos años antes para ser enterrados en el mismo. Forma parte del conjunto monumental de la fundación de San Diego de Alcalá. El panteón tiene dos plantas y en la superior hay una pintura sobre madera de un cristo falsificado y un monumento en el que está enterrada la duquesa.

Panteón de la Condesa
Panteón de la Condesa

Parque de la Concordia

Guadalajara es una ciudad con muchas zonas verdes. Se estima que la media nacional se sitúa en los 15 metros cuadrados por habitante y Guadalajara, supera con creces esta media, with 35 metros cuadrados por habitante. Pero quizá la que destaca más por encima del resto es el Parque de la Concordia por estar en el centro, junto al casco histórico. Este parque que ver en Guadalajara supone el principio de un eje de zonas verdes compuestas por los parques de San Roque, las Adoratrices y la Fuente de la niña.

Parque de la Concordia
Parque de la Concordia

 Alcázar Real de Guadalajara

Guadalajara es el reflejo de las diferentes culturas que han pasado por la zona. Y un ejemplo de ello es el Alcázar Real, una fortaleza de origen andalusí que ver en Guadalajara. Se construyó en el siglo IX como un recinto de más de una hectárea. Pretendía proteger la entrada a la ciudad y vigilar el paso por el valle del río Henares. Con el paso del tiempo ha cumplido otras funciones y ha sido palacio real, fabrica y cuartel militar.

 Alcázar Real de Guadalajara
Alcázar Real de Guadalajara

La ruta de Viaje a la Alcarria

La comarca de la Alcarria, en Guadalajara, es la protagonista de Viaje a la Alcarria, una de las novelas del Premio Nobel de Literatura Camilo José Cela. Y en torno a esta novela de viajes se ha creado un itinerario turístico y cultural quepuedes encontrar aquí. Esta ruta sigue los pasos del autor durante su viaje por 22 pueblos de Guadalajara y es una de las mejores rutas senderistas por España.Esta ruta reproduce el itinerario realizado, in 1946, por el escritor Camilo José Cela, Premio Nobel de Literatura. De aquel viaje de diez días por esta comarca surgió su libro “Viaje a la Alcarria”. Antes, ya habían elegido esta zona los poetas místicos San Juan de la Cruz y Santa Teresa de Jesús para fundar

La comarca de la Alcarria, en Guadalajara, es la protagonista de Viaje a la Alcarria, una de las novelas del Premio Nobel de Literatura Camilo José Cela
La comarca de la Alcarria, en Guadalajara, es la protagonista de Viaje a la Alcarria, una de las novelas del Premio Nobel de Literatura Camilo José Cela

Regarding gastronomy, un lugar ideal para comer es, definitely, the restaurante Abrasador Casino Principal ubicado en pleno centro de Guadalajara que en cuenta con las carnes Abrasador de crianza propia para satisfacer los paladares más exigentes., Anoja both beef and Iberian pork bait field. Led by Chef Mario Lucas, Dishes available land combined with international cuisine. Its menu is based on traditional cuisine with dishes grilled edge. El Restaurante cuenta con un área más informal de Gastrobar, Lounge Bar y un salón de restaurante para reservas más grandes. A perfect place for your trip to Guadalajara.

Valentine menu in Niagara's Scorching and restaurant Morote


Pan al romero
Orza de ternera con mayonesa de pistacho
Yemas de espárragos al salmón
Habitas baby con cebolla confitada y foie micuit
Calamar nacional a la plancha
Ensalada afrodisíaca


Hojaldre de rape con espuma verde

Costilla de añoja a baja temperatura


Locura de amor


Precio por pareja: 70 €


As its name suggests, according to him historian José Montesinos, Calloused means "beautiful place", word from the Greek. This municipality located in the Baix Segura de la Valencian Community is marked by the profile of the sierra, declared place natural. Its extensive historical heritage. scattered throughout the city, make which is one of the most outstanding municipality of Vega Baja. House Belenista, which houses a museum with a rich collection of births and figures of the Bethlehem It is one of the most popular civilian buildings.

Casa Belenista, inside

Another of the most historic civil buildings and of interest is the Real Pósito. This monument is a repository of cereal municipal character, whose primary function was to make loans cereal in reasonable conditions neighbors needed. The new granary built in 1790 and it is located at the entrance to the town, along the road leading to the neighboring town of Orihuela.

Real positive Callosa de Segura

the Granary, It was constructed with avituallar purpose of the population. Furthermore was an institution whose object It was storing tools and farm implements and grains supply the neighbors, especially in times of shortage, both the planting and for the own consumption of the population. The sense of this was and free them from falling into the hands of usury and speculation hoarders. Thus they could alleviate crop failures and crises subsistence. On the other hand also it gave the option to sell the surplus the callosinos farmers reap what in turn led to the development of a weekly market. Despite its mere functionality as a grain store, presents notable architectural and artistic values.

Besides these two buildings Historic civilians, Callosa de Segura treasures and other tourist attractions great story given its tradition as is the Cañamo. The municipality boasts a Hemp Museum because it wants to keep the memory alive for the cultivation of the Hemp has largely been lost by the introduction of the fibers synthetic. Treatment of hemp is traditional Callosa of the Segura from the Middle Ages.

Hemp Museum
Another photograph of the Museum of Hemp

On the other hand, Old Town from the city, located at the foot of the Sierra de Callosa, It maintains its structure the medieval and modern times. Within it is the most buildings of historical and cultural interest: Archpriest Church of St. Martin. Archpriest Church San Martin Obispo, It is undoubtedly the greatest building historical and architectural value of our city as evidenced by the fact It is having been declared National Artistic Historical Monument by Royal Decree 2865/1980 of 14 of November.

Image containing inside, building, table, Description Automatically generated clock
Marton church Arciprestal San Obispo

The present temple is the second of the buildings on the same site have risen in honor of his headline. The origins of the Church of St. Martin back to the 11 of November from 1265, when King James I the Conqueror temple dedicated to the mosque Christian, and the match on the entry of Christian troops with Feast of St. Martin, the name of the saint made the first temple Callosa de Segura. Then came a Gothic temple, whose existence lasted from 1281 a 1494, it would be of a single ship. Gothic church that disappeared, it started to build the current factory work, qualified as a work capital of the Spanish revival. the name of the architect who designed the plans is ignored, Although the main work was completed in the year 1553 by the master Alonso de Arteaga, as testified by a plaque on the original facade. long time spent on the construction of our temple has allowed in it are represented various artistic styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. This church is like traveling back in time.

But it off, calloused Safe treasures some notable gastronomic specialties and why It is as varied as are its landscapes and products. It is typically Mediterranean, with old recipes and nutritional habits that have remained unchanged for centuries; where recipes blend the kitchen Traditional and modern. Definitely, delicious dishes found in each of the bars and restaurants of the town, as restaurant scorching Niagaras that holds all kinds of specialties of the municipality as the "rice crust", "Bacalao meneao", "Porridge with arrope", or "Almojábanas callosinas". Furthermore, this restaurant specializes in meat embers own upbringing as Anoja beef and Iberian pork bait field. It features dishes like grilled supreme, Beefsteak or Iberian secret grilled.

Restaurant Scorching Falls

Scorching magical dinner in cinnamon and lemon

Cena con espectáculo de magia en el Restaurante Abrasador Canela y Limón

The 25 de Enero te espera una velada mágica en Abrasador Canela y Limón, el espectáculo cuenta con varios magos como son: Julianini, Martilda, Raul Alegría, Luis Olmedo, Pepin Banzo y Lautaro.

Ven a disfrutar de nuestro menú, quiza descubras el magico sabor de nuestros platos:



Beef tataki with pistachio praline
Croquetas de chipirones en su tinta


Bacalao a baja temperatura con ali-oli, miel y alga wakame

Medallón de ternera amielado al curry a la brasa


Tarta de galleta y caramelo