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    Join our group of associated restaurants and serve your customers the best grilled meats from their own aging.

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The veal and Iberian They served in restaurants Scorching come from livestock that owns the group "for over 40 years "in the town of Toledo Menasalbas.

The ownership own livestock Scorching allows exercise control each of the stages through which it must pass the meat before being served on the plate. Something that contributes to the pursuit of total quality and to achieve traceability for all meat products and Iberian.


The innovation in animal care and the desire to improve the success of Scorching mark since the beginning of the production chain. Care is taken from the comfort of animals, to exhaustive nutrient supply and the control of gene thereof.

All meats are treated in the Matadero Montes de Toledo and they are received in the cutting room property Abrasador. There are deboned, chopped and vacuum packed, ensuring homogeneity cuts and weights.

BURNING, A safe bet

Scorching group has an innovative business model with multiple advantages for franchises. Scorching is associated with some of the best restaurants in every town or city in Spain to offer them value added. Incorporate meats to your letter and the best system ember. In addition the possibility of developing the three lines of business are valued at the establishment: tapeo, restaurant and shop.

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Scorching for constant improvement is an absolute value. From the R & D department working for the cutting types increase juiciness parts, as well as its unique flavor and nutritional balance needed for healthy eating.

further, from gourmet committee also constantly they study new recipes to incorporate charts restaurants. And not only innovates from creation also in the execution of the dishes. Staff moves to mark each location for train workers cooking to know the secret of the best coals or most successful recipes with meat Abrasador.


Within the training program there is a star Scorching format that brings together professionals from hotels and restaurants throughout Spain.

This is the Master Class in which discloses the quality of meat on a Scorching Show Cooking, where attendees are taught how to cook and what properties have the new cuts, In addition to offering new products that restorers can include in their elaborations.