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We open the first restaurant in Galicia

Scorching group, our chain of own-aged meat restaurants located in Spain, we have inaugurated in Cruces, Slavery, Census (A Coruña) the first restaurant in Galicia. "Scorching Gaia a Casa de Corredoira" has joined our new Scorching project, after being our client for two years. Thus, this brand new restaurant specializes in grilled meats, incorporating the Scorching menu the most innovative cuts of meat along with the latest recipes exposed by our chef and gastronomic advisor Carlos Torres, who spent several days training the staff of Scorching Gaia at Casa de Corredoira, both with the most innovative cuts and new and healthy recipes. With this latest addition to the Galician restaurant, our chain adds a total of 38 restaurants spread throughout Spain.

Our founding partner, Julio Ramirez, He also contributed his knowledge to this new restaurant, explaining and training on the management of the restaurants in our chain for a better development of it.: from the customer service, internal communication between employees; up to reservations

"This is a very exciting new project due to its location"

“For the Scorching group it is not a new restaurant, but a very exciting and special inauguration both for its location and for the moment that we are going through the COVID-19 crisis ", explains the founding partner and CEO of the Scorching group, Julio Ramirez after the bet of the first Scorching restaurant in Galician lands.

further, Ramírez adds that: "The residents of the town and surroundings, together with the visitors, they will be able to add to their excellent menu a quality own aged meat with very healthy recipes ". The manager and owner of the brand new Galician Scorching, Almudena López, explained during the opening of his restaurant that: “For us, joining the Scorching Group has been very important because, although we have been working with them for several years, It is now that we have decided to embark on this project together, being, also, the first Scorching restaurant in Galicia”.

What will the Scorching Gaia Restaurant at Casa da Corredoira be like now?

It is an innovative renovation, since maintaining the traditional cuisine of the area adds the excellent grilled meat that we have in the Scorching group whose menu, adding ours of Burning, has been prepared by the manager and owner of the premises, Almudena López. In fact, It is a new letter advised by professionals such as Carlos Torres, chef and gastronomic advisor of our group Burning, who has been training the different employees of the new Scorching restaurant with our most innovative grilled meat cuts (, jtogether with the nutritionists of the same. It should be noted, that grilled meat comes from our own herds that we have with exhaustive control and that we have distributed through different areas throughout Spain.