Typical cuisine Campo de Calatrava

Today we are going to talk about the rich and varied cuisine of this historic region of La Mancha Campo de Calatrava.

It is a region located in the center of the province of Ciudad Real, and closely linked to the Order of Calatrava based in Almagro. This military and religious order was created by Castile in the late Middle Ages to protect the plateau, the entry of the troops of the Muslim kingdoms south of the peninsula.

Over time, the inhabitants of these lands have developed their traditions and of course a typical local cuisine, and then discussed…

We started by "Almagro eggplant" with special dressing, "Manchego ratatouille" which you can accompany with "Cross bun" (bread marked with the cross of Calatrava), although you can also taste in this area a "Vetch flour porridge" with garlic and chorizo, or a plate of "Crumbs pastor", or a plate of "Tiznao" based on cod and vegetables from the garden. You might also like to try a dish quixotic as it is "Duels and losses".

But we can not overlook some sweets or desserts in this part of La Mancha, as their "Flower Calatrava" based wheat flour and egg, and using a mold is given the shape of the cross Calatrava. But do not forget the "Calatrava bread", made with egg, bread or cake, milk and other, that contrary to what you might think, It is more typical of Murcia, but although its origin is unknown everything does point out that its origin is in the Campo de Calatrava.

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