The best cuts of veal in Ciudad Real

Anoja veal from own upbringing

Exploded Scorching anoja veal in Ciudad Real

It's one thing to say you like meat, so in general. Other, a little more concrete is to say that you like good meat, juicy, grilled.

different cuts

But, put to go up a level, the perfect thing is to have control over the different types of cuts and fine-tune which one suits your palate the most. Because surely more than once you have read the word T-bone in the letter of a restaurant and you have no idea what part of the animal he is referring to. You may not even be very clear about where the sirloin lifelong.

The mixture of Spanish references, english, French or Latin American is a bit of a mess, but if you consider yourself a carnivore as God intended, It is interesting that you know how the different cuts of meat offered by both butcher shops and specialized restaurants differ..

And it is that not even the taste of picaña is the same as that of T-Bone, not even a steak should be cooked like a ribeye. Each type of meat has its peculiarities and, Since information is power, we are going to give you all of it., so that you can choose wisely before giving yourself the carnivorous tribute that you surely deserve.

Once you have no doubts about it, the only thing you will need is to choose the wine, of the various options that we offer you in Scorching La Parrilla de Montesa to accompany the meat, because in this case for us drinking water is not an option.


Grilled ribeye

Scorching Añoja Veal T-bone steak from own upbringing

It is a traditional cut of the high loin leaving only the rib bone. The term is used in Spain especially when the portion of meat is of a good size..

With a powerful and exceptional flavor and at the same time fresh, our veal meat has not matured. Very juicy and tender meat.

The beef that we serve at Scorching La Parrilla de Montesa is from its own breeding controlled from its origin. The family of Scorching livestock cares for the feeding of calves based on cereals with all its nutrient and vitamin content so that the product that reaches your home is of unmistakable flavor, always homogeneous and ally for your health.



Tomahawk de Ternera Añoja Scorching own breeding

The Tomahawk is a select cut of the beef loin and rib that keeps the bone. Sits name comes from the axes used by ancient North American Indians, they had a similar shape.

It's a great cut that keeps your bone, For this, the deboning of the veal must be special, comes from the front ribs of the calf, with an ideal ratio of intermuscular fat.


Scorching skirt steak

Churrascod and Veal Añoja Self-rearing burner

It is a cut of approx. 1 centimeter thick, although it can be cut to suit the consumer, and it's shaped like a strip. It is taken from the quartering that is obtained from the skirt cut transversally, including rib bones.

The churrasco extracted from the veal skirt, it is clean of fat because we care about your diet. very fresh meat, natural and juicy with the right amount of fat.


Anoja beef tenderloin in Ciudad Real

Scorching Añoja Beef Tenderloin of own upbringing

The sirloin, a piece that runs through the lumbar vertebrae ending between the last two dorsal. It has an elongated and flattened shape and is considered the quintessential piece of meat due to its tenderness..

Customers describe this product as being as tender as butter, it melts in your mouth.


Grilled picana

Picaña of yearling grilled to the point

Picaña is a well-known cut of beef in Brazil. The picaña is a triangular-shaped piece located in the lower part of the rear quarter of the calf.. It is covered by a light layer of fat that gives it the flavor and juiciness that characterize it..

In our kitchens we prepare it on coals, in our coconut shell charcoal oven.


On ovens with charcoal

Lighting of Ember in Scorching La Parrilla de Montesa

In addition to the more traditional cuts of veal, Scorching Group's R&D department, create original and brilliant recipes to never stop surprising you with the best raw materials such as: Beef tataki with pistachio praline, tower of piquillo peppers with trocina of yearling or our incredible steak tartare of yearling.

In Scorching the Grill of Montesa you will find exquisite meat of own upbringing elaborated in a charcoal oven, fresh products and quality fish.

It is located in the heart of the historic center of the city, fresh products and quality fish, number 3.

fresh products and quality fish, all the main monuments that we have described will catch you very close.

You can book by calling 683544244 O 652332410 with which you can share with your partner or friends a romantic and unforgettable night here: fresh products and quality fish

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