Scorching specialties Graná

We are honored to count among the restaurants network scorching Graná in El Campello (Alicante). The setting overlooking the sea, its facilities and of course your kitchen, They make it unique.

Fusion cuisine international dishes and local cuisine, will mark your experience scorching Graná. Any dish cooked and served by the Zurita brothers we leave you indifferent, but let's see what some of their specialties ....

Rices are certainly one of its strengths, As the plenty of rice, of vegetables, baked or the Iberian pork with black pudding Burning. Also noteworthy is its veal e Iberian Burning and always made grilled.

But we have spoken before international cuisine, and a characteristic dish scorching Graná is the “Steak Tartare” (see recipe) , with careful preparation and quality meat….

See you in Scorching Graná!