The second most cultivated food worldwide is a non-negotiable in Valencia and Alicante kitchens

Rice. That cereal is as traditional in Spanish kitchens as healthy and tasty, It has become a benchmark for international cuisines. In Valencia and Alicante stove is an axiom for their kitchens, food being the second most cultivated worldwide. In fact, Scorching Restaurant in Grana are great followers of this tradition, and they have managed to reflect in his letter much of this culinary custom of the region in which it is. Most fans to Alicante cuisine will enjoy tasting rice, Y, also, grilled meats, two of the specialties of this restaurant Abrasador. As for rice include the following: rice to band, cuttlefish and red prawns vegetables, meloso lobster or lean Iberian. further, also they offer innovative rices such as pulse and mussels. Rice is part of its identity. Some of our most original rices are as follows.

Honeyed octopus and mussels

This original rice has been one of the great innovations of this alicantino restaurant where sea food are mixed as octopuses and mussels. A syrupy texture with a flavor of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cuttlefish and red prawns

Cuttlefish rice and red shrimp is one of the most demanded by customers. The unique red prawns from Restaurante Graná cause of this peculiar distinction rice.

Magro Iberian and vegetables

distinct. Thus relate diners of this rice characterized by lean Iberian, especially, and vegetables as accompanist: leek and carrot slices baby.

Honeyed lobster

So typical in the Costa Blanca as a defendant. The "Lobster Meloso" rice is its key at the bottom. Fry lobster upside down makes all its properties are released to take in its essence the taste of lobster.

in short, Scorching Grana Restaurant offers rice dishes with different flavors, textures and original accompaniments. The power of rice is unlimited, is actually a cereal chameleonic. This food, as natural as primitive (He began to cultivate ago 7.000 years in India and has, in mythology, the beans were so great that fell alone to the mature), in Spain its first use was for dessert: rice with almond milk. Main course was much later.