Cordovan cuisine is synonymous with good food. One of the most important in Andalusia, the province has become a national benchmark thanks to its combination of products in its mountains and countryside, resulting unique dishes that do not leave indifferent the most demanding palates. Olive oil, for example, It is one of the flagship products over the province.
If you plan to visit Cordoba, or even if you're here, you can not miss the following dishes over the Cordovan kitchen, which also includes the letter Inn Abrasador La Ronda in the town of Carcabuey.

Typical dishes from Córdoba


Scorching photo Salmorejo Meson La Ronda

Scorching gazpacho Meson La Ronda

Salmorejo is a typical cream of the province of Córdoba, even though, because of its light texture and consistency, also often it served as an accompaniment to food, being used as a sauce.


photo of flemenquines of Cordoba

Flemenquines, one of the most traditional dishes of Cordoba

It is, along with salmorejo, It is one of the best known and associated dishes Córdoba. Consisting of a filet of pork prosciutto rolled over, passed through egg and breadcrumbs and finally fried in olive oil.


photo of a plate of oxtail roro scorching round meson

Oxtail, an unmistakable dish Córdoba

This forceful stew is impregnated with the aromas of Córdoba, aromatic herbs, a delicious sauce and a creamy and tender meat. It is accompanied by a good baking chips or clubbed.

Roast suckling pig

roast suckling pig photo

Scorching roast suckling pig Meson La Ronda

You are right, You do not need to go to Segovia to taste a wonderful roast suckling pig, Piglet specifically preparing Meson La Ronda we recommend, jugosísimo toasted inside and outside. unrepeatable.

Fried anchovies

photo of a plate of fried Boqueron Andalusian

Andalusian fried anchovies, an undisputed starter

Although it is an inland city of fried fish are on the menu of all the bars and taverns of the city. Anchovies Malaga, fried or lemon, they're delicious.

Gobies in adobo

Gobies photo Scorching Meson La Ronda

Scorching japuta Meson La Ronda

Enjoy Cordoba gastronomy in Abrasador La Ronda, we have all these and many more dishes Reserve your!

photo Scorching main dining Meson La Ronda

Scorching main dining Meson La Ronda