You know innovative cuts Veal Anoja Abrasador?

Veal Anoja Abrasador

The "Veal Anoja Scorching", It has the distinction of being always female and raised in our own farms in the Montes de Toledo, fed cereals and legumes. Being beef own upbringing ourselves we can control all the processes from beginning to end, thus being able to ensure the quality we want to offer all our customers and partner restaurants.

Precisely through the recommendations of chefs associated with Scorching network of restaurants, our department I+D creates dishes with innovative meat cuts for hospitality, to develop special recipes with the unmistakable flavor of our Anoja female calf.


If you love the veal and want to know and try our innovative cuts Abrasador, can Reserve at any restaurant Scorching network O to buy a gourmet lot steak house in our shop.

And if you are professional caterers or have your own restaurant operating successfully and you want to join the network of restaurants with quality plate Burning, Contact us to know further, by calling 647221393 (Alvaro) o al 630893522 (July). Book your place to spend a morning with us route farms and farms own parenting. Through our cutting room for all cuts and references we make and finally to taste 15 cuts and most innovative products in the own restaurant Toledo, where we do all our tests I+D.

Check out our calendar of presentations and choose the date that suits you.

To whet your appetite you go, Here are two of the more innovative cuts of “Veal Anoja Abrasador” we want you to know.