If you have a restaurant and want to continue to grow ... This could be your chance…

In Scorching Group we are committed to your restaurant. Keep reading because we explain how…

Sometimes having a restaurant involves more than serving meals and gender have to serve, but surely you know that right?.

There are times when we lose perspective on things swallowed by the daily, and makes us forget our project, just to focus on customers, personnel and supplies.

Definitely, We do not look to the future or we do not realize what happens around us, and this we can take its toll, as have a future project is vital for our restaurant.

From this, we know enough, because after 23 years dedicated to the world of hospitality and the experience of more of 30 restaurants associated with the brand, support us. They are years advising and working alongside Scorching restaurants network, in training in kitchen and living, also in management, providing support in marketing activities and of course with our “Knowhow” a bonfire.

This coupled with the more than 40 years of experience as a farm family, They allow us to have the best beef and Iberian own parenting, always processed in our “cutting room”, with our own teams, to reach all restaurants always with the same quality and with fixed annual fee.

This whole experience makes with your restaurant can form a single project, which takes you to you and your business where you want to be and us to grow with you as a brand. Of course, without losing your identity as a restaurant, so that linking our brand to yours we get together a good tandem. The image is no need to change, nor does the kitchen, but on the contraty, States should strengthen. You can see them Scorching partner restaurants and check it.

What requirements must be taken to be a Scorching restaurant?…I explained in the video below Julio Ramirez, which he is co-founding member of Burning and responsible for Marketing and Group Sales.

As well explained Julio Ramirez, to be a restaurant Scorching always followed 3 Steps…

First we met and exchanged views, and if we share the same criteria, we go to the next step ...

set during 6 months, a customer-supplier relationship, so you can see how we work and how is the quality of our meats.

And finally, If all went well between the two sides, and so you decide, You can become part of the restaurant network associated with Abrasador, at which time begins to include your restaurant as one of the partner restaurants nationwide brand.

Once you become part you benefit from the following…

  • Portal reserves and own APP Abrasador, thus receiving every week table reservations looking to eat grilled meats Abrasador in your town or city (more of 14.500 reservations 2017 in 32 restaurants)
  • Information workshops, Restoration Technical Conference, Masterclass, Training seminars and conventions
  • Custom Gourmet restaurant advice from your whole team,
  • Marketing actions
  • Tastings of meat
  • Social Media agency for social networks
  • Loyalty own platform high in the LOPD of all your clients to send your weekly or bi-weekly proposals
  • If you need support for events in your city with córners ember in celebrations and events
  • Cost control

If you want more, You can contact the responsible expansion Alvaro Martin in 647 22 13 93 alvaro.martin@abrasador.com, or the founding partner responsible for this area of ​​marketing and sales, Julio Ramirez in the 630 89 35 22 julio.ramirez@abrasado.com.