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Julio Ramirez Sanz (Rancher) and Julio Ramirez Camino (Scorching CEO). Father and son

recently we saw images through a popular television program about the conditions in which pigs were, this time white pig. We do not want to enter volorar shown if it was real, or as livestock company said in charge of the farm, It was a nursing. This is not what concerns us in this post.

But all this, It made us appreciate even more so, like in Scorching group we raise our cattle Iberian pork, and we want to show you so you can see how we raised.

Since they are born….

The whole process is strictly controlled, from birth on our farm for our staff and veterinary equipment.

Suckers Iberian pig Abrasador

Suckers Scorching Iberian pig in the exploitation of the Montes de Toledo

At birth they remain with his mother during the lactation period, for once finished this period they are given a period of adaptation to the field and other natural feed feeding.

When adapted to the field, they are left free to forage and breed Iberian pigs as bait field are.

Iberian pig in the field period adptación

Iberian pork period of adaptation field and other feeding.

If you get sick

The personnel in charge of farms is constantly aware of its evolution, In addition to the strict controls that by law are required to comply, it is decisive for certification, at all times they make our pigs is controlled. However we also have a veterinary team that ensures at all times for the health of animals, and at the slightest suspicion of disease the animal the right decision for each case is taken, or separate it from the rest, or remove it from the premises for your care and control.

What is your power?

Our farms in the Montes de Toledo, as we have said are Iberian pork bait field, which is fed with a healthy and balanced product that gives them the nutrients they need and improve their quality of life, whose development we do with the best selection of nutrients. For black pigs with corn, barley, avena, soybeans and peas, adding olive oil and high oleic sunflower in preparing these feed, thus enhancing their nutritional and organoleptic qualities. To this is added what they eat space field that count for proper bait set in the standard field.

Once in the field

When they are prepared, our Iberian pig is brought outdoors, where as we have told you before, It will feed on natural feed and what nature offers. It will be outdoors to the proper weight.

Iberian pork bait field Abrasador

Iberian pigs bait field Abrasador, grazing in the Montes de Toledo

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