Orders in Scorching La Ronda

How to order at Scorching La Ronda restaurant

The pandemic caused this year by Covid-19 has caused the hospitality sector to have the need to reinvent itself once again and develop other work tools that maintain the restoration due to the restrictions that this sector suffers, And ultimately, society, such as the curfew or even the prohibition of performing services in the same restaurant in a traditional way with the setting at the table or the limitation of capacity, among other measures.

Scorching food comes to your home

Scorching food comes to your home

All these measures have triggered the majority of restaurants to join the initiative to order take out or even distribute in Carcabuey as in Scorching La Ronda restaurant we have adapted to this unusual scenario by placing take away orders. So that you can taste our most special and traditional dishes of the restaurant with specialty in grilled meat, you just have to place your order on our website, Scorching App or by phone.

From our application, you can pay to increase prevention measures against Covid-19

From our application you can pay and place orders to increase prevention measures against Covid-19

Some of the starters of Scorching La Ronda

Some of the starters of Scorching La Ronda

further, in Scorching restaurant La Ronda We want to help you all in this difficult situation and we have launched a promotional code for your take-away orders and give you a plate of Iberian ham from own aging Scorching. At the end of the purchase you must enter or redeem our promo code LARONDA (All together) In order to take you a free plate of Iberian ham for placing your order with us to take home the starters, most special dishes and desserts and enjoy it at home with an unbeatable company like family.

We have all the dishes available that you could enjoy with us in the restaurant so that you can add it to the cart and take it home. From our most traditional cheese and Iberian salads or our delicious homemade Iberian ham croquettes to our exquisite grilled meat such as the grilled honey medallion (200g) or the grilled entrecote.

further, You can also enjoy our local cuisine with starters such as our Andalusian-style stew or our gazpacho with garnish.

We could not miss our pieces of grilled meat from our own breeding, both yearling veal and Iberian field bait pork. Our grilled pork tenderloin or grilled Iberian pork (250gr) you can take it home and taste it as if you were in the restaurant.

But how can I take away or ask for the dishes from Scorching La Ronda restaurant to be delivered to me??

With this illustrative video we wanted to facilitate the task of placing orders to take to each client and to help them how to order and redeem the restaurant's promotional code and thus take advantage of the promotion of acquiring the gift of a plate of Iberian ham.

In this brand new Scorching service you are fully informed of your order, both the price of the dishes and total, like the pick-up time slot at your scorching restaurant in the city you live in. further, You can also check the location of the restaurant to avoid loss with your GPS. Even some of the partner restaurants can take this food to your home.


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