Valentine is one of the dates that most reservations are made throughout the year, and it is that couples are in this event, the perfect time to celebrate who are in love. So we will give you the keys we use in Scorching restaurants, so you take advantage of this date to the maximum, and know "How to make your restaurant a perfect place for Valentine", and so make the best possible impression on your customers, to repeat year after year.

1. Set the mood

The decor is always important, but on a date like this, But it does…

The idea is to create an intimate atmosphere, and this requires plenty of resources romantic, from candles, to hearts, phrases, or even propose a different costume to your staff for the occasion, why not?. You can also play with flowers as a centerpiece, mantelería or special cutlery, and of course you can lower the intensity of light.

Definitely, following these decorating tips, You will create the perfect ambience for the occasion and for “Cupid” you can work smoothly…

2. Restaurants aspects that seem designed by the very “Cupid”

Each restaurant is characterized by Cuisine, and in “Valentine's Day” We do not ask you to change it, but that you adapt.

What from Scorching group we always recommend, is that in the case of a special date, you create a menu or special menu closed, with dishes to match your type of cuisine and they can fit the occasion, caring for decoration turn them.

If you and the dish lends, We recommend rename another name say more loving. And if not the name of the dish, give a title to the time served.

Course and in the case of love, You always triumph in the play desserts foods considered "aphrodisiacs" or with exotic fruits. But always with chocolate or ice cream.

3. Live music or romantic background music.

The music will help you create an ideal atmosphere. If your home has enough space and give the conditions, you can always delight your guests with live music, a group that is dedicated to playing and / or singing the most romantic music.

If your local does not qualify to offer live music, we recommend you create a list of romantic music of all time, and put background.

4. It provides a detail of love

If you want your customer experience is very positive, obsequial something, It can be anything from a flower, a personalized gift to. Definitely, such details make the difference with your competitors and boost the image of your restaurant.

5. Promote your event

You've worked hard, so make people know. To do social networks are the ideal place, so there can upload photos of the preparations weeks or days before, to arouse the curiosity of your customers, and sure this reserve force any more.

You can also use social networks to promote payment option, in your area of ​​influence, it can be your town, the neighboring towns or neighborhood. With links to your website to see the menu and where you should not forget to place the Reservations button, or just as we have said before, to show the decorations and preparations.

These are the keys that after many years of experience in managing own and partner brand restaurants to Abrasador, we could detect as infallible to succeed in “Valentine's Day”.

We hope your restaurant also succeed in “Valentine's Day”. If you liked this post, Thank you share it.

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