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The Keys to increase the sales of your Restaurant.

Success stories

This week Scorching group, dento of IV edition of “Convention and Technical Days Abrasador”, has brought together more than 170 professionals of the associated restaurants Abrasador.

This I Technical Journey 2020 It has been held in Villacañas (Toledo), on the farm "The Palace Gardens".

20 new recipes

The 20 new recipes from the Burning card, along with digital tools to increase sales have been presented by the Chef Carlos Torres.

Show cooking, Carlos Torres

After welcome and breakfast for all attendees, the training began with the "Show Cooking of new dishes".

20 new dishes 2020 Burning

“40 guests from all over Spain”

At El Capricho de los Torre Restaurant received the night before more than 40 guests from all over Spain, with a corner dinner buffet Abrasador, where they enjoyed an Iberian tasting, tapas and grilled meats.

In a pleasant two-hour dinner, there was the opportunity to talk and exchange opinions in the most relaxed way.

“50 references of the most innovative and original cuts and meats of the Central Abrasador”

Alvaro Martín Escobar Y Esperanza Ramirez Camino They were in charge of receiving all the guests and preparing a presentation table with more than 50 cut references and most innovative and original meats from the Central Abrasador.

Julio Ramirez, in charge of presenting the conference

The founding partner of the Abrasador restaurant chain, Julio Ramirez, has been in charge of presenting the conference.

Julio has highlighted that:

this way of sharing knowledge and training between partner restaurants, are the key to continue growing sales in each restaurant, including new dishes on their menus and using this technological platform that is implanted throughout the Abrasador restaurant network, with the same booking program, Loyalty and Management for each Restaurant, that by joining together as a group they share synergy and loyal customers who want to enjoy this specialty of the best grilled meats throughout the national territory”.

Carlos Torres presents the 20 newer dishes for 2020 for the common menu of the associated restaurants. Shows the keys to achieving a presentation and flavor that differentiates it from the competition with high-quality products, such as our own aged beef from aged veal and top quality Iberian pork.