Wedding of Juan and José Manuel in Carcabuey (Córdoba).

Last Saturday Burning gave a Wedding in Carcabuey for a very special couple.

From the hand of Scorching La Ronda de Carcabuey and directed and advised by Scorching Central, a spectacular event was held that began at 14 time and I finish late in the morning.
Juan and José Manuel knew Rafa the owner of Searing the Round and they proposed to him that if he could serve them an original catering for their civil wedding. Rafa showed them the images of Scorching Central events and when they saw those beautiful images they were clear that they wanted something like that.
They got down to work and Searing the Round has been in charge of mounting the event traditional and Beatriz Palencia Nieto, our coordinator of events, has developed the decoration aspects of the ceremony and the event.
Scorching Central He directed the buffet catering with Iberian ham corners, cheese, tapas and salads and Searing the Round was in charge of offering already at the table, a fantastic seafood platter and grilled prawns, with a rich baked fish, serving as a final dish with him “Brasa corner” with four cuts of veal and Iberian Burning own parenting. And as it could not be missing, a “cake corner” so that each guest could put their sweet touch as.
The beautiful sweet table they set up with a “chocolate fondue” to sweeten the drinks of the whole afternoon. At the end of the night the appetizers and montaditos were served that helped to hold on until the 4 waves 5 am.
A spectacular wedding, it's the word…. Congratulations Juan and José Manuel!