scorching Canovas: Murcia restaurant where the kids run amok

How important it is to find a place where you can ensure the quality of what you eat but also what they eat the kids in the house. Usually hard to find a place they give you to eat healthy and where the kids are comfortable in an environment of higher. But if there is a place where everyone can be happy, this is definitely the restaurant Scorching Canovas, in Murcia.

In this corner of Scorching you can enjoy typical Murcian food with meat from our farm without giving up a whole world of children that will make the kids eat well, but mostly, Have fun doing it in Peque Canovas, a playground with their own tables to eat with other children and will delight all.

cánovas scorching

scorching canovas

We love to see that this idea and one of the most valued by customers of Scorching Canovas, Thinking this way in family reconciliation at the time of leisure, where no waiver of the quality of traditional Murcian food and a fine service, both in normal operation and for big events.

further, It is one of those hidden places of Murcia but whose discovery may be the best find, with traditional food that makes family Canovas, which does not give up meat quality but also the good seafood or salmon rolls, for example. Good wine is also one of its hallmarks, which always favors the best sobremesas, washed down with homemade desserts are a must in the house.

AbrasadorCanovas abrasadorcanovas

Canovas is the site that has always come back when you are looking for family shelter, always homemade food and especially, a relaxing space where everyone can find their favorite corner on a holiday. Sure if you, You never want to leave. yes, Remember to tell us!

You can see your phone in the restaurant tab in this link.

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