Alcalá de Henares; Heritage and Culture

This city located in the basin of the river Henares, It was declared World Heritage City in 1998. World Heritage is the historic site of Alcalá, developed from the Middle Ages, and in which Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in tolerance. So is the University, founded by Cisneros 1499, which it caused a great artistic and cultural explosion in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


Unique archaeological treasures, an excellent medieval urban fabric that made possible the coexistence of three cultures and three religions and especially the perfect City of Knowledge and City of God, that designed by hand Cardinal Cisneros, Today we can enjoy a unique set of magnificent buildings of Renaissance and Baroque.

Walking Alcalá can know their 2000 years of history, the Roman Casa de Hippolytus, la fIslamic ortaleza of Alcalá la Vieja, the medieval walled town, church Catedral Magistral, the Archbishop's palace, the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso, the Casa Natal de Cervantes, the Monasterio de San Bernardo, the Corral de Comedias, the Puerta de Madrid one he Palace Laredo, as a sign of its rich historical heritage that you can enjoy this wonderful getaway.

Contribution Alcalá de Henares the intellectual development of humanity shown in the materialization of the The city of God, in linguistic developments that took place in the city, especially with regard to the Spanish Language, and through the work of its most illustrious son, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, and his masterpiece D. Quixote.

And as the birthplace of the illustrious Cervantes I want to emphasize the Cervantina week which takes place between September and October, coinciding with the date on which the writer was born, the 29 September 1547. This weeklong celebration honoring Cervantes It is celebrated literary events, poetry readings and book presentations, emphasizes reading The Quijote in the Corral de Comedias, classical music concerts and / or popular music, Theater displays, painting exhibitions, to gastronomic events.

Furthermore you can enjoy Cervantino market, a medieval market with food stalls and craft, with people dressed in the style of Spanish Golden Age.

alcala-henares-monument Don Quixote-Sancho

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